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Richard Moore

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Subject: Re: Subscriber's Forum> intial responses re/ this list
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:37:35 -0300

Thanks for the cyberjournal info , we are looking forward to having you
here in nova scotia, if you'd like to check out our web site the address

 Regards Robbie Bays.

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Subject: RE: Subscriber's Forum> intial responses re/ this list
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 08:32:29 -0700

GOOD MORNING RICHARD:  as one of your new e-mail followers, I want you
to know that if you want to call your self chief, or supreme commander,
or king silverback (the gorilla variety)  its okay with me.  I've always
had a fancy for the title of Duke, but my little suburban tract does not
qualify me. Therefore, I content yourself with the thought that "real
class is not having any" (Wilde/Shaw?).

Whining about issues like titles is exactly why American's never
accomplish anything.  Our U.S. government, and society in general, is
skilled at deflecting attention from the substantive to the
insignificant.   I hope you are a stronger individual.

G. C.  Adkins, M.S.
Human Resources Director
Saint Martin's College, Lacey, Wa.  98503-1297
ph:  (360) 438 4495 (direct line)
fx::  (360) 412-6199

From: JFadiman <•••@••.•••>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:18:45 EDT
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Richard--good clean answers to questions and concerns. I was especially
pleased with your answer about being a leader. God knows that one of the ways
the elite has weakened the left, to make "leadership" a bad word.


Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:40:29 -0400
From: Feral Sage <•••@••.•••>
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Subject: Re: renaissance-network Digest of: -get.12_45

Comrade Richard,
In response to Floyd Rudmin you wrote:
"If we had to choose, most of us would go for anarchism as a model in
preference to `organizations'."

Yet further on, in your response to Daniel, who suggested you might
consider calling yourself "Cadre Secretary" rather than "Cadre Chief,"
you wrote:

"I'm not the secretary, I'm the leader.  I organized the group; I earned
the respect and trust of the people who joined; we reach consensus but
they look to me to articulate the majority of our initiatives, even
though the ideas might originate with one of them.  I do a certain job
and I work hard at it.  My contribution as leader is appreciated by the
group, as they often explicitly state."

This is hardly an anarchist/autonomist view! You will find that many or
most of us who will be responding to this list are social activists and
change agents/initiators.  We have done the work of organizing and have
articulated other people's ideas (without necessarily giving those
others credit for the ideas we have articulated, on the basis of our
belief that "all power/knowledge belongs to the people") -- yet few of
us will be comfortable with the idea of someone declaring ourselves "the
leader."  Leading is an action, not a role.  It works when autonomous
people recognize that particular persons have the best approach/solution
to particular issues/problems at particular times, and *actively* (not
as passive followers) decide to adopt those views or solutions or
approaches, suitably adapted to their own particular circumstances and
without being held accountable to "the leader" for "correctly"
implementing them.

Having said this, I look forward to hearing more about a possible
workshop in Nova Scotia and the opportunity to meet with others who wish
to work in coalitions on many fronts to defeat corporate rule and
related social evils (too many to list here).

Feral Sage, MSW


Dear Feral,

I _believe we are actually in full agreement... once we clear up a

You _seem to be making the assumption that I was claiming to be `leader' of
something _other than our little cadre team... perhaps leader of _you, or
of this _list, or of the _being-born coaltion -- No, I'm not.  I'm
moderating this list, and I and the other `cadre' folks are organizing a
workshop, and we want to facilitate the creation of a coaliton.

But we (or I) aren't scheming to take over leadership of such a coalition,
when it succeeds in getting off the ground, nor do we want it to become a
hierarchical organization with _anyone in a leadership position of that

My own vision for the coalition is based on the concept of `community building'.

If this networking list, and PPI, in addition to all the other lists that
are operating, and other means of communication, can help build a palpable
sense of `community' among activists worldwide -- if different groups gain
a `sense' of what other groups are doing, and the community generally
becomes familiar with the various people involved, then my belief is that
people will spontaneously begin to contact one another and will begin to
collaborate -- just like neighbors do in a healthy community.

Incidentally, that's what my understanding of `anarchism' is: bottom-up,
spontaneous collaboration, no supreme hierarchic authority.  But anarchism
does _not mean that leadership does not play a role, nor does it mean that
organizational structures never get created.

As for cadre: I'm currently engaged in an effort to divest myself of
leadership burden by explaining in detail to my colleagues those aspects of
the revolution that I've thought through and they haven't.  When I get on
the plane to go to Nova Scotia, I don't want to be the sole-knower of
anything critical.


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