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Richard Moore

Dear friends,

Several people have commented on "Prospects for a global movment" (chapter
7 first draft) and I'll be posting that dialog later today.  Right now I'd
like to let you know about my personal situation, which is becoming rather
desperate financially.  For the past five years I've been living off of my
savings and that's what has enabled me to develop my ideas (with your
help), run internet lists, publish articles, and make progress on the book.
But the money is essentially gone.

For the past few months I've been learning Perl, which is the preferred
computer language used these days for web-servers and on-line processing.
That has gone very well, and I've also got my own Unix server - so I'm in a
position to do projects on a sub-contract basis, remotely from Ireland.   I
beg your indulgence for this "commercial" message, but if any of you are
involved in the computer industry, and have any job-leads to suggest,
please let me know.

thanks in advance,


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