rn: commentary on yesterday’s posting re: UN


Jan Slakov

From: "Ib Bang" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: The Role of the UN.
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 22:49:32 +0200

Dear Jan and RN,

Lately you wrote under the subject: "rn: Janet Eaton & UN Balkans
Environmental Team:

    But I hate to give up on the UN and all its affiliates too easily. (I'm
    quite sure it was Kurt Waldheim who said, "The UN has survived liars and
    astrologers as Secretaries General. It's taken the rap for dirty deeds that
    the Super Powers have wished on it... but if it didn't exist, then we'd have
    to invent something like it."
I cannot disagree entirely with you, we do need something like the UN. But
the UN is funded by the plutocracy, and as you cited Kurt Waldheim, I will
now cite a plutocrat, Mayer Amschel Rotschild, who said: "Give me the
control of a nation's monetary system, and I cannot care who officially
makes their rules." In short - those who control the money control
everything else, including the UN.

A little further on this statement occurs
    It is very encouraging,  given the devastating and manifest 
    human health and ecological consequences, that  a thorough 
    assessment is taking place. The need for such assessment has  been 
    called for in reports of  the UN Inter-agaency Needs Assessment 
    Mission released   June 29th , by the Regional Environmental Center 
    for Central and Eastern Europe reporting around the same time, and in 
    press releases  by Mikhail  Gorbachev and Green Cross 
    International and by the World Wildlife Fund among others.
When the UN is urged to perform the said environmental investigation, then
it is among other things to avoid the other agencies to perform their
investigations. Now the warmongers are in control of the investigation and
consequently of its outcome. They might not be able to influence for
instance Green Cross International or the World Wildlife Fund.

According to a later statement
    A team of UN-sponsored environmental experts are in
    Pancevo, Yugoslavia  today, beginning an assessment 
    of damage done during the recent conflict over 
If the persons mentioned disregard a major factor, the DU, how can they be
considered 'experts'?
    One possible limitation of and  concern with the UN team's approach 
    is that it apppears they will not be sampling for  depleted uranium 
    [DU].  Whether this is related to lack of equipment or lack of 
    adequate information is not clear.
If they lack information, then they are not experts, and if they persue the
task without adequate equipment, then they do not act as experts, i. e. they
are still not experts.

Let us await their findings, and I am fairly confident, that they will not
find anything of major concern. Of course they do not bite the hand, that
feed them. As a Danish proverb says in translation: "The Devil protects his

Do not forget, either, that somebody have accused some NATO generals and
other bigwigs of war crimes. The evidence found thus must not be too
overwhelming, if these accusations cannot be silenced to non-existence.

Thus before somebody else find convincing evidence, the UN will take over
the task to find nothing of major concern.

Do you want to bet?

Thank you for your attention!


Ib Bang.