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Richard Moore

Dear rn,

Over on the cj list, someone admonished for my lack of political
correctness, re/ marx:
        >To be blunt without I hope being offensive, those who discount
        >Marx or any other thinker who tried to liberate the working people
        >of the world from their plight is anti-worker, anti-intellectual,
        >and in a word reactionary.

How could I resist such overwhelming logic?  In new found humility I found
myself being converted...

               Ode to Marxism

        Hark, Hark!  I see the light,
        no need have I to think or write,
        but ponder only to apply,
        immutable wisdoms of Marx on high.

        Like monks who Aristotle knew -
        no need the world itself to view -
        so through Das Kapital can I,
        the world's intricacies spy.

        Why feel I this strange malaise,
        while Hegel's stream I fond embrace?
        The world it seems has missed its cue,
        impossible I know, but true!

        Why did Marx his secrets share?
        Needs inevitability a champion fair?
        If not forewarned our bosses might,
        succumb dialectically in the night.

        But since he spelled it out so clear,
        they've held their ground I trembly fear.
        History's tides are strong indeed,
        but capitalism rides a crafty steed.

        Is it fate or will that finally rules?
        Is noble humanity merely history's tools?
        If all that we do is by Marx pre-ordained,
        then why do we bother to politically refrain?

        Even Marx it turns out sought to rig up the game,
        by stirring the masses to all do the same.
        Shall we do what he said or do what he did?
        Shall we wait for the tide or make our own bid?

        For some inner reason, though Marx might fear it,
        I'll place my own faith in ye olde human spirit.
        It's democratic will that will bring the new world,
        not forces nor tides, nor formulas unfurled.

        I'll go for the dialectic but in my own way,
        applied to another dimension let's say.
        Man's spirit too long by forces subdued,
        through willful liberation shall be renewed.



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