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Dear RN list,

This posting comes via Mike Nickerson, who, through his Sustainability
Project and concrete work where he lives, is helping to prepare himself and
the wider community for the end of industrial capitalism.

Although this list has had plenty of info already on sources for questioning
the phony 911 story we are supposed to believe, which still would not
justify this horrible "war on terror", I think this one is worth sharing
because of its particular focus. And, of course, coming from Mike, it is
"framed" within the context of working positively to take responsibility
ourselves for creating a viable future.

all the best, Jan
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 15:11:24 -0500
From: Mike Nickerson <•••@••.•••>
Subject: [NS2] The #1 911 Question

>Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:59:09 -0800
>From: Caspar Davis <•••@••.•••>
>Subject: [NS2] The #1 911 Question
>To: Friends and Colleagues: ;

>Lincoln Justice, an American who is deeply disturbed by the course
>his country is taking, has sent me the following. I think he is quite
>right to be worried about the nature of the events of 911- after all
>the US has entered every major war of the last 100 plus years by
>either staging a false incident or abetting a genuine one (the Maine,
>Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin "Incident" to name 3). The question
>Lincoln focuses on is indeed the most glaring one arising
>out of 911, and in the unlikely even that it is answered in our
>lifetimes, the answer will undoubtedly lead towards answers to the
>many corollary questions.
>The Bush administration has been surrounded by an elaborate armor of
>deception related to 911.  There is one point at which he is most
>vulnerable.   I believe that if thousands of people concentrate the laser
>light of truth on that one spot, the whole castle of deception would begin
>to crumble.   I have sent the following message to a number of members of
>congress.    It would be helpful it folks from other states would also ask
>the same question of their representatives.
>We are a retired gray haired couple in love with America and the Earth. What
>we discovered after sifting through thousands of pages of evidence related
>to the 911 story has shattered our faith and convinced us that our nation is
>on the road to becoming a dictatorship unless the people wake up and act.
>As our representative we beg you to have the courage to investigate what
>really happened on September 11th before it is too late.
>There is one question above all others that holds the key to understanding
>why our national defense system and intelligence network appeared to be
>surprised and so unprepared for the 911 emergency. If the light of truth is
>focused on this question the whole story will become clear.
>Why were no fighter planes dispatched to intercept the four hijacked planes
>on September 11th? Who stopped the Air Force from following standard
>intercept procedures when the FAA reported to NORAD that the planes were off
>course and had turned off their transponders?
>We know that all local, state and national police forces have standard
>operating procedures for dealing with violations of law and emergencies. The
>FAA, NORAD and the military have cooperative procedures by which fighter
>jets automatically intercept commercial aircraft under emergency conditions.
>Obviously someone with authority ordered our national defense system to
>stand down and not to respond to this emergency. Who has such authority to
>countermand this standard intercept procedure? Some members of the Air Force
>have reported that the order to "stand down come from the HIGHEST SOURCE."
>The "highest source" is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces or
>persons directly under his authority, namely the U. S. Secretary of Defense
>Donald Rumsfeld and the then-Acting Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air
>Force General Richard B. Myers. It is transparently clear to anyone who
>knows the military system that no one else outside the office of President
>could have given such an order, or failed to follow these standard intercept
>procedures orders without being subject to court marshal.
>But on Sept. 16 on "Meet the Press" Dick Cheney attempted to explain what
>happened on 911. He suggested that "they did not know what to do" and the
>President would have to make the decision to intercept the planes. He was
>clearly attempting to deceive the public with disinformation.
>When you stop to think about it, it is obvious that the President of the
>United States could not be expected to respond personally to every emergency
>situation in American airspace. If the Air Force had to wait for
>authorization from the President before intercepting planes that are off
>course, our defense system would be totally paralyzed with communication
>traffic jams.
>The standard intercept procedures in place for dealing with emergencies in
>the air are like those used by our police to intercept motorists on the
>road. When a pilot does not respond to radio contact or is acting
>suspiciously, an intercept plane is sent to investigate by making visual
>contact slightly in front of the pilot. If the pilot does not respond or
>refuses to land and appears to be a danger to others, the intercept plane is
>authorized to fire warning shots to get attention. Only when all else fails
>is the fighter plane authorized to shoot down the plane.
>Only after standard procedures have been followed, is there any reason why
>the President of the United States might be called to personally respond to
>an emergency. Of course on September 11th, George W. Bush was busy listening
>to a goat story at Booker Elementary School in Florida when Andy Card
>informed him at 9:05 AM that the second plane had hit the World Trade
>Center. He was so busy he could not respond to this national emergency until
>30 minutes later. Only after the third plane had hit the Pentagon were F-16
>fighter jets allowed to fly out of Andrews Air Force Base to provide
>protective cover over Washington, DC.
>If you get the truth about why our national defense forces failed to defend
>us on September 11th, you will also uncover answers to a host of other
>questions. After even a minimum investigation it is obvious to many citizens
>that the official stories are lies, disinformation and deceptions. The
>corporate media and Congress appear to be afraid to seriously addressed this
>Perhaps now, after the collapse of Enron, some major news organization or
>public official will have the courage to blow the whistle on this
>blockbuster story of high treason before it is too late.
>Do you have the courage to ask this question? It could make you a hero or
>destroy you.
>If you want to check out this and a related question look at these news
>"Air defences stood down on 9 11" by R.Anderson
>Also: Who actually was in control of the "hijacked planes"?
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