Announcing: Quay Largo Productions


Richard Moore


Quay Largo Productions is pleased to announce its
new website, offering the official on-line version
of Nasrudin's new book, "The Zen of Global
Transformation".  The URL is:
The book version is going into first printing this
month and I think the price is going to be about
$15.00, including postage.  Copies are going fast,
so please reserve yours now if you want to get in
on this limited, signed edition.  A button is
provided on the website for this purpose.

The website also includes a section called "going
deeper into the quest". For each step in the Quest,
this section presents links to articles and books
which explore that step in depth.  I know of one
broken link already (the one to Idres Shah).  Please
let me know if you run across any other glitches.


Quay Largo Productions is seeking permission to use
the following quotes on the back cover.  If you
have some comments you'd like to contribute to the
cover, please send them in along with some
characterization of yourself, what you do or have
done, perhaps your town & state, whatever.  Please
don't forget to mention that you are granting
permission to publish.

all the best,

    "...a fascinating and original construction, and 
    one so elegantly composed. Quite remarkable, if I
    may say so. ."-Derm Barrett
    "...intriguing, a self-creating venture, sprouted
    from reams of intellectual speculation...
    psyche-delicious!" -Frank Brown
    "I read your contribution, The Zen of Global
    Transformation tonight and I must post to say
    Thank You for this!  Herein, you have given us
    many answers. Of course! this is the answer to the
    'how'  to bring this world together and it was
    always right there!  One more thing I want to
    thank you for, I have a new ambition, I want to be
    a Dynamic Facilitator!" -Debralee
    "Nasrudin was right. Telling us what was at the
    end of his writing would not have done much to
    engage us. We've all read so much about consensus
    and community that the words are just two waves in
    an ocean of understanding."-Diana Morley
    "Very well thought out and written.
    Congratulations to us all! May the consensus be a
    resounding, 'Yes!', and may our many small paths
    join in wide avenues of change for a kinder
    world." -David Cameron