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2007-06-11 Richard Moore Greetings, We need to close down our old server, so your cooperation will be much appreciated. You are currently subscribed to the list: <•••@••.•••>. This list has been moved to: <•••@••.•••> Please subscribe to the new list by sending a message to: •••@••.••• Please unsubscribe from the old list by sending a … Read more


2007-05-29 Richard Moore Friends, I’ve got two announcements. ____________________ * Server Migration We’re moving our lists over to Yahoo, because maintaining our own servers is becoming too burdensome. The websites will remain as they have been, with the same URLs. We won’t be using the web features of Yahoo, at least not at the beginning. … Read more

newslog: 17 May – 23 May

2007-05-23 Richard Moore ____________________________ Featured articles: 23 May – Global Research on new dictatorial Bush powers http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2574&lists=newslog 21 May – The Fourth Reich: American audience applauds torture http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2547&lists=newslog 21 May – China pledges $20bn for Africa http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2550&lists=newslog 21 May – China vs US: skirmishes on the trade front http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2555&lists=newslog 21 May – US vs China: … Read more

newslog: 11 May – 14 May

2007-05-15 Richard Moore ____________________________ Featured articles: 14 May – The Secret Government http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2514&lists=newslog 14 May – The globalization of electronic election theft http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2521&lists=newslog 11 May – Army came up with 911 scenario in 1976 http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2511&lists=newslog 14 May – Bush orders contingency plans for attack on U.S. http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2513&lists=newslog 14 May – US military begins planning for … Read more

Arrighi: “The Long Twentieth Century”

2007-05-14 Richard Moore Giovanni Arrighi, “The Long Twentieth Century: Money, Power, and the Origins of Our Times”, Verso, UK, 1994, paperback. 10 May 2007 – “ARRIGHI: Hegemony Unravelling – 2” (written in 2005) http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2501&lists=newslog Friends, If you want to understand capitalism, and how it has evolved historically, then I highly recommend Arrighi’s material. The article … Read more

newslog: 28 Apr – 10 May

2007-05-10 Richard Moore ____________________________ Featured articles: 29 Apr – * Iraq: Letter from an Angry Soldier * — rated R http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2461&lists=newslog 30 Apr – * CODEX- The Last Days Of Health Freedom (video) * http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2467&lists=newslog 02 May – * US and EU agree ‘single market’ * http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=2472&lists=newslog 07 May – * GW Bush involvement in … Read more

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