rkm: greetings from Kauai

2005-12-18 Richard Moore Friends, Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, I was able to make it to Kauai in time to be with my Father when he passed away. The family was all with him, around his own bed at home, and he didn’t suffer. I’m not a religious person, but I somehow … Read more

Brian Hill: Grassroots and left vs. right

2005-12-06 Richard Moore One more posting before I pack for the trip… ——————————————————– From: “Brian Hill” <•••@••.•••> To: Si Subject: What is Grassroots? Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 23:06:25 -0800 Organization: Institute for Cultural Ecology Hi Si; I heard you on KPFA today so a friend and I came over to Freight and Salvage for … Read more

rkm report…

2005-12-05 Richard Moore Friends, My father, who is 87, is in critical condition, so I will be travelling this week to Kauai to be with him. As you can understand, you probably won’t be hearing much from me this week. I will have a laptop, so eventually I’ll set up over there and resume posting … Read more

Internet : Pilger : A News Revolution Has Begun

2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/112505I.shtml A News Revolution Has Begun By John Pilger t r u t h o u t | Perspective Friday 25 November 2005 The Indian writer Vandana Shiva has called for an “insurrection of subjugated knowledge.” The insurrection is well under way. In trying to make sense of a dangerous world, … Read more

Venezuela updates

2005-11-14 Richard Moore Friends, Chavez, with the overwhelming support of the people of Venezuela, has clearly become the most progressive actor on today’s world stage. There are even more articles available on BBC: VENEZUELA UNDER CHAVEZ KEY STORIES Chavez to eject US preachers Venezuela speeds up land reform Chavez revokes agent immunity Venezuela to seize … Read more

reader dialog

2005-11-11 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 16:03:04 -0500 To: •••@••.••• From: “Raging Grannie (Wanda B)” <> Subject: NPR on Chavez Got this from Liberty Underground…. This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition the news reader again screamed that Hugo Chavez is “anti-American” and there will be “anti-American” demonstrations in Venezuela where Bush meets … Read more