rkm report…


Richard Moore


My father, who is 87, is in critical condition, so I will
be travelling this week to Kauai to be with him. As you
can understand, you probably won't be hearing much from me
this week. I will have a laptop, so eventually I'll set up
over there and resume posting as time permits.

The book is now complete, and Chris (our web guru and my
publisher) is putting the finishing touches on the cover.
We still expect to have it available by Christmas, and if
not then, soon thereafter. I'll let you know. It will be
on booksurge.com, alibris.com, and amazon.com. We'll be
trying to get it into bookstores as well, but that may
take a while.

The book tour is coming together. It will probably begin
in January, depending on how my father is doing.  So far,
people have volunteered to be 'tour hosts' in Palo Alto,
San Francisco, Mendocino, Eugene, Vancouver (and
environs), Montreal,  Chicago, Boston (and environs),
Washington DC, Miami, Tulsa, Tucson, and San Diego.

If you are in one of those locations and would like to
help out, or if you are interested in hosting somewhere
else, please let me know. As I'll traversing the continent
twice, west to east and then east to west, it would
certainly make good sense to include more locations. I'll
be travelling on an Amtrak pass that provides unlimited
travel in the USA and Canada.

At each location, the plan is to have a book signing in a
local bookstore, and also to have a gathering of local
people for a dialog session, as a kind of harmonization
experiment. Also, I'd hope to participate in a radio
interview (by phone) in each location a few days prior to
the events, as a way of promoting the events. I'll be
depending on the hosts to arrange all the local
activities, and also to put me up while I'm in town. We'll
be putting together a 'hosting kit', including flyers and
posters, and suggestions on how to approach bookstores and
radio stations.

bye for now,