rn: affecting the Peltier decision

2000-12-25 Jan Slakov Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 11:42:51 EST Reply-To: •••@••.••• From: Refuse & Resist! <•••@••.•••> Subject: [RNR_ANNOUNCE] Clemency for Leonard Peltier! Please pass along to everyone quickly. Time is of the essence. Clinton announced some clemencies but not for Peltier. In the face of FBI marchs against clemency for Peltier — the voice … Read more

cj#1171> Guidebook 2.a. “Globalization: crisis and opportunity”

2000-12-22 Richard Moore ============================================================================ A GUIDEBOOK: HOW THE WORLD WORKS AND HOW WE CAN CHANGE IT (C) 2000, Richard K. Moore http://cyberjournal.org/ Chapter 2: What kind of world do we want? ===> a. Globalization: crisis and opportunity b. Birth scenario for a new global system c. Fundamental principles of a livable world d. Localism, diversity, … Read more

cj#1170,rn> responses to recent material

2000-12-21 Richard Moore Friends, The Guidebook and ‘Envisioning a successful movement’ seem to be striking some chords out there. Thanks to all of you who have been contributing and critiquing as this material has been developing, and thanks to those who sent in these recent responses. enjoy, rkm ============================================================================ Delivered-To: moderator for •••@••.••• Date: Mon, … Read more


2000-12-18 Richard Moore —————————————————————————- ENVISIONING A SUCCESSFUL MOVEMENT rkm – 18 Dec 00 http://cyberjournal.org/cj/guide/ (sketches for gudebook – chapter 3) (feedback & discussion welcome) CONTEXT: The seeds of CHANGE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (1) The latent components of a radical global mass movement ALREADY EXIST. They exist as many different movements pursuing various objectives, with differing constituencies, analyses, … Read more