rkm: some thoughts

2004-11-01 Richard Moore Friends, The book project is finally nearing completion. I’ve been a bit disappointed about the scarcity of feedback from you folks. Perhaps it’s the pressure of the election, or perhaps people are just weary of the long, somewhat academic chapters. But I have gotten some feedback from particular people, and those included … Read more

MER: Iran Next – Part 1

2004-10-31 Richard Moore ——————————————————– To: “mer” <•••@••.•••> Reply-To: “MER – Mid-East Realities – MiddleEast.Org” <•••@••.•••> Organization: MiddleEast.Org – MER From: “MER – Mid-East Realities – MiddleEast.Org” <•••@••.•••> Subject: Iran Next – Part 1 Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 07:11:32 -0500 <http://www.MiddleEast.Org> If you don’t get MER, you just don’t get it! The most honest, most … Read more

GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION: Table of Contents (rev 5)

2004-10-30 Richard Moore ___________________________________________________________ GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION: WHY WE NEED IT AND HOW WE CAN ACHIEVE IT (C) 2004 Richard K. Moore [with URLs to current drafts] Introduction http://www.cyberjournal.org/cj/show_archives/?id=’805’&lists=’cj’ ___________________________________________ Part I – THE TRANSFORMATIONAL IMPERATIVE A brief history of humanity http://www.cyberjournal.org/cj/show_archives/?id=’820’&lists=’cj’ 1650-1945: America’s rise to global dominance http://www.cyberjournal.org/cj/show_archives/?id=’814’&lists=’cj’ 1945-2001: Pax Americana and collective imperialism http://www.cyberjournal.org/cj/show_archives/?id=’817’&lists=’cj’ … Read more

GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION: The dynamics of a democratic world

2004-10-30 Richard Moore ___________________________________________________________ GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION : WHY WE NEED IT AND HOW WE CAN ACHIEVE IT (C) 2004 Richard K. Moore from: Part III – A MESSAGE TO WE THE PEOPLE THE DYNAMICS OF A DEMOCRATIC WORLD: HARMONIZATION AND LOCALISM * Introduction Up until this point, this book has been addressed to readers in … Read more

Petition of VIPs re/9-11

2004-10-28 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 21:24:24 -0700 To: Recipient List Suppressed:; From: Mark Robinowitz <•••@••.•••> Subject: Fwd: Powerful 9/11 Statement Signed by Prominent Americans Released Yesterday another list of prominent persons who don’t believe the official story is at http://www.oilempire.us/skeptics.html From: “WantToKnow.info” <•••@••.•••> Subject: Powerful 9/11 Statement Signed by Prominent Americans … Read more

Re: Apocalypse now?

2004-10-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– From: Rich Winkel <•••@••.•••> Subject: Re: Apocalypse now? To: •••@••.••• Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:33:19 -0500 (CDT) > The CIA thwarted the Bay of Pigs… do you think they might be > able to stop Bush? This is the first I’ve heard that the CIA thwarted the bay of pigs. … Read more

Apocalypse now?

2004-10-25 Richard Moore Friends, The CIA thwarted the Bay of Pigs… do you think they might be able to stop Bush? rkm ——————————————————– Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:49:20 +0100 To: •••@••.••• From: William Bowles <•••@••.•••> Subject: New & notable A Bush pre-election strike on Iran ‘imminent’ White House insider report ‘October Surprise’ imminent By … Read more

Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op?

2004-10-24 Richard Moore Friends, Unfortunately, many of the links provided in this article either don’t work, or they point to different articles than the ones indicated. Nonetheless, the author pulls together some good research. Most of these be-heading incidents have been highly suspicious and I’m glad someone took the time to write this article. We … Read more

Pilger: “The Warlords of America”

2004-10-20 Richard Moore ——————————————————– From: “RightsAction” <•••@••.•••> To: <•••@••.•••> Subject: “The Warlords of America” – by John Pilger Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:12:32 -0400 ARTICLE: food for thought about the global order We re-distribute this article, by John Pilger, as a contribution to debate about the global order and about the possibilities and chances … Read more

Re: Not-Bush for President

2004-10-19 Richard Moore friends, sorry for so many postings in just a few days, but it’s election time and folks want to have their say. so be it. rkm ——————————————————– Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 07:23:53 -0400 To: •••@••.••• From: Paul Wolf <•••@••.•••> Subject: Re: Not-Bush for President Thanks Richard. I just can’t tell the … Read more