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Richard Moore

        - an international workshop for activist leaders -
       June 25 <incl> July 2 - 1998 - Nova Scotia - Canada
                Only when the last tree has died
                And the last river been poisoned
                And the last fish caught
                Will we realize that we cannot eat money.
                                      - The Cree

Dear renaissance-network,

Below you will find the session descriptions, more or less as they were
presented in the original workshop announcement.

There are ten sessions and most of them cover rather broad topics (eg,
"GLOBALIZATION AND CORPORATE POWER").  On average, each session will be
approximately 1/2 day in duration, and will be divided into two or three
`panel segments'.

For example, the GLOBALIZATION session might be divided into these
three panels:
        a) History backgrounder on corporations and monopolies
        b) Global economy and WTO/IMF world-government
        c) Anti-MAI intitiative: report from the front lines

We could expect to have, then, somewhere in the vicinity of 20-30
panels, each of which will need two or three presenters/panelists to
kick off the session.

In other words, my friends, *-> _EACH of you should pick out a session
you'd like to participate in, and articulate the topic you'd like to say
something about. <-*  If your topic doesn't seem to fit into one of the
sessions, send it in anyway and we'll find a place for you, even if it
means redefining one of the sessions.

I'm serious -- this workshop, like democracy itself, and like the
revolution, is a strictly _participatory affair, not a spectator event.

Don't worry if you don't have a world-shaking treatise to present.  If
you just want to speak for five minutes on the work you've been involved
in, that will be fine, and may in fact be more useful than you
anticipate.  But _everyone should have their turn at the front table and
a chance to have group attention focused on their work.
                If you have come here to help me,
                you are wasting your time....
                but if you have come because
                your liberation is bound up with mine,
                then let us work together.
                                   - Aboriginal Woman


**--->  _PLEASE - within the next day or two, send us a message...
...indicating which session you'd like to join, along with a paragraph
or two describing what you'd like to talk about.


The goal of the workshop is to launch a global coalition movement aimed
at overcoming elite corporate global hegemony and creating a new
democratic era based on sanity in human affairs.  The basis of such a
coalition is commitment to a shared agenda.  That shared agenda can be
expressed as a manifesto, but it must be based on a common understanding
of our current situation and a common vision of what must be done about
it.  The workshop is designed to facilitate the achievement of that
common understanding and to enable us to discover together that vision.

Fifty of us, even if in collaboration with the constituencies we
represent, is not enough to change the world.  But as a core group --
the first fifty to `step over the line' -- and with appropriate
publication and promotion of what we're about, we can be the beginning
of something that _can change the world.  And of course, I say
`beginning' somewhat tongue-in-cheek -- many out there have already
begun, they see us as the stragglers, but so be it, we each come to the
revolution as best we can.

People everywhere are waking up to the reality of globalization -- the
unabashed attempt by the Western capitalist elite to finally and forever
rule the world as they see fit.  Hundreds of thousands of people
worldwide have taken the initiative to fight back, from Chiapas to
Vancouver, from the docks of Australia to the trucking lanes of France,
from the Greens in Germany to enviro-activists in every corner of the

It is not that people need to be aroused to the problem, it is more that
the already-aroused energy needs to become aligned, to become coherent,
to act as a force of people-power rather than evidence of people-

In closing, I'd like to share with you a piece I sent out on New Years
Day.  I didn't realize it at the time, but writing this piece is what
cemented my own commitment to revolution, and I've gotten dozens of
replies from people who found this message inspirational for them...

25 April 98

          -=-=-=-=-=-=~ New Years Message 1998 ~=-=-=-=-=-=-

I find the turn-of-the-year fascinating; a time to notice that the clock
does tick, and that we only get a finite number of ticks.  Is there
anything you want to get done on your shift?

Is there something you wish "someone else" would do?  Why don't you do
it instead?

                Did you exchange
                A walk-on part in a war
                For a lead role in a cage?
                    -Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd

I think I was 40 when it first occurred to me that life is finite; only
after that did I consider that "what I really want to do" could be an
actual option in life.  Before that I thought it was my job to always
pick the most advantageous option that came my way, to maximally exploit
my skills -- perhaps what Bob Dylan meant by "to be nothing more than
something you invest in".

It turns out most of us could be anything we want in life, be it
architect, auto mechanic, art historian, or revolutionary: it's will
that matters, not aptitude.  You can always take a remedial course if
you're slow at something: very little really requires rocket science or
unusual physique.  What a disservice it is to tell kids they're "good at"
one thing and "unsuited" to another, before they're old enough to know what
a "life decision" is all about.  Those are the beginnings of disempowering
mind control... and unfortunately, all too effective.

Aptitude is secondary, difficulty is secondary; only what you want is
primary.  Set a goal you _want to achieve; don't choose a goal because
it's _achievable.  Having a goal is powerful: your life begins automatically
to organize itself in that direction; your energy can move toward "achieving"
rather than circle around "wishing".  The journey of a thousand miles begins
with the first step, but that first step is not made by the feet:
it's made by the mind and it's called _intention_.

           -=-=-=-=-=-=~ End of New Years Message ~=-=-=-=-=-=-

  Sessions will generally begin with a panel presentation and then open
  up to general discussion. We will break up into smaller groups fre-
  quently to enable all delegates to contribute and to facilitate the
  consensus process. Session descriptions may change depending on
  delegate interest and willingness to participate on panels.

     * OPENING CEREMONY - traditional spiritual-alignment
     ceremony led by delegates representing indigenous peoples

     * GETTING ACQUAINTED - delegate self-intros, description
     of activities and organizations, statement of intentions
     regarding workshop and coalition; discussion of workshop
     process and agenda

     capsule history of corporate power and the rise of globalization,
     with an emphasis on sovereignty and democracy; discussion of
     globalization and its consequences; special presentation by anti-
     MAI activist delegates
                Capitalism is the astounding belief that
                the most wickedest of men will do
                the most wickedest of things
                for the greatest good of everyone.
                                     John Maynard Keynes

     * POLITICS AND DEMOCRACY - comparison of political and
     electoral systems in delegates' countries; discussion of reform
     agendas; discussion of media propaganda and the growth of
     factionalism; special presentation on Cuban system by Cuban
                god bless the squire and all his relations
                and keep us all in our proper stations.
                                  -folk bedtime prayer
                They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
                temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
                                                - Benjamin Franklin

     * INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS - presentation: capsule history
     of imperialism, the postwar pax-americana regime, and hi-tech
     neo-interventionism; discussion of the linkage between these
     developments and globalization generally, especially in light
     of (elite strategist) Samuel P. Huntington's KulturKampf agenda;
     special focus on Middle East, including delegates from that
                If we see that Germany is winning we should help
                Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help
                Germany and that way let them kill as many
                as possible . . .
                                    -Harry S. Truman, 1941

     * TOWARD A SENSIBLE WORLD - panel reports and general dis-
     cussion of ecosystems, economics, technology, sustainability,
     and prosperity; discussion of reform agendas and priorities;
     discussion of how to implement reform incrementally, without
     causing chaos in the process; discussion of international
     relations based on the paradigm of collaboration
                A community will evolve only when
                the people control their means of communication."
                                                -- Frantz Fanon

     amendment, and adoption of documents which have been
     previously developed via email, fax, etc. by delegates

     * COALITION LAUNCH - for those delegates who are ready to
     commit, there will be a ceremonial declaration of collab-
     orative solidarity in pursuit of the goals of the manifesto.
     These delegates will then be the charter members of:

         *->  The Global Coalition for a Democratic Renaissance

     * GETTING ON WITH THE REVOLUTION - discussion of
     coalition-building and of movement strategy; identification
     of initial constituencies to be recruited to the coalition;
     break up into affinity groups to discuss joint endeavors and
     to commit to initial joint objectives; reconvene and discuss
     reports of affinity groups; closing discussion
                "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men
                shall possess the highest seats in Government, our
                country will stand in need of its experienced patriots
                to prevent its ruin."- Samuel Adams

     * CLOSING CEREMONY - traditional endeavor-blessing
     ceremony led, again, by indigenous delegates

     * farewell "rebel-rousing" party in honor of staff

                  Restore democratic sovereignty
                  Create a sane and livable world
             Bring corporate globalization under control.
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                love you love you love you rebel jan.
                above the fray you took the rebel stand.
                you saw beyond, you lifted up the yoke,
                you put your shoulder with the tiny band.

                did ceasar know when you sat down to write,
                that even he would learn to feel fright?
                    that ordinary people you and me,
                could push his moutain down into the sea?
                   -rkm, in honor of Jan launching her outreach campaign
                If you think you're too small to be effective,
                You've never been in bed with a mosquito.