Re: Workshop business> Sessions & Panels; (response needed)



Richard K. Moore wrote:

>   Sessions will generally begin with a panel presentation and then open
>   up to general discussion. We will break up into smaller groups fre-
>   quently to enable all delegates to contribute and to facilitate the
>   consensus process. Session descriptions may change depending on
>   delegate interest and willingness to participate on panels.

What kind of consensus are you using?

I would like to be involved with the following workshop/sessions if I am in fact
able to attend the 
event at all:

>      capsule history of corporate power and the rise of globalization,
>      with an emphasis on sovereignty and democracy; discussion of
>      globalization and its consequences; special presentation by anti-
>      MAI activist delegates

>      * POLITICS AND DEMOCRACY - comparison of political and
>      electoral systems in delegates' countries; discussion of reform
>      agendas; discussion of media propaganda and the growth of
>      factionalism; special presentation on Cuban system by Cuban
>      delegate(s)

>      * COALITION LAUNCH - for those delegates who are ready to
>      commit, there will be a ceremonial declaration of collab-
>      orative solidarity in pursuit of the goals of the manifesto.
>      These delegates will then be the charter members of:
>          *->  The Global Coalition for a Democratic Renaissance
>      * GETTING ON WITH THE REVOLUTION - discussion of
>      coalition-building and of movement strategy; identification
>      of initial constituencies to be recruited to the coalition;
>      break up into affinity groups to discuss joint endeavors and
>      to commit to initial joint objectives; reconvene and discuss
>      reports of affinity groups; closing discussion

My  most vocal participation is likely to be in this last session on my list.

FYI, I am a student activist who resides in Halifax.

Jessica Squires