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Richard Moore

To: those who want to participate in workshop:

It's been a full week since I sent out requests for the following and most
of you haven't responded yet... please - we need to consolidate site
arrangements and you need to make travel arrangements, etc...

1) wiring of 35 canadian-dollar-equivalent funds to-
            Bank:           Caisse populaire de Clare
            Branch:         Caisse populaire Sainte-Marie ,
                            P.O. Box 99, Church Point, NS,
                            Canada, B0W 1M0
            Transit #       22293-839
            Acct name:      Enviro-Clare
            Acct number:    90468-015
2) sending in of needed accomodation information-



        Male [ ]  Female [ ]  (we want to be reasonably balanced, re/gender)

        Means of travel (car, plane, etc.):

        Special dietary requirements:

        Accomodation needs (eg, wheel-chair access):

        Accomodation preferences - [ ]-Low cost  or  [ ]-High comfort

        Will bring tent [], could use a tent [ ],  can bring extra tent [ ]

        Deposit was wired on date: _____
                from: account name _____   account number ___
3) sending brief description of topic you'd like to talk about as part of a

Here's some information about the site...

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998
From: •••@••.••• (Jan Slakov)
Subject: beginning of draft of Bear River description

Greetings to friends for a Democratic Renaissance,

We're hoping to see you soon at the workshop.  Here is some information so
you will have some idea of what to expect when you get here:

At first we were looking for a site on Prince Edward Island, Canada's
smallest province, birthplace of the confederation and one of the provinces
whose legislature stood up against the MAI.

Turns out the ideal site was not to be found there.  So, we started looking
in Nova Scotia.

In Bear River, I think we have something nearly ideal.  Ideally all the
workshop delegates would be able to stay at the workshop site.  But any
place like this (say a university campus or a hotel) would be quite or else
outrageously expensive.

Normally, a community centre like the Oakdene Centre where our workshop will
be held would not host a global workshop for a whole week.  But when I asked
the person who handles reservations for the Oakdene Centre, Robbie Bays, he
not only said yes, he was really enthusiastic.

In general, people in Bear River have been most helpful.  The Fire Dept
auxillary and the United Church group which will handle most of our meals,
the people who have offered to billet, the owners of the bed and breakfast
places some of us will stay at... people generally are pleased to help
welcome our workshop.  And Bear River is so small, population-wise, that it
feels almost like people have invited us to stay in their own homes (which
is literally true in several instances!)

By now, you will all have seen Richard's signature quote:

          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
          committed citizens can change the world,
          indeed it's the only thing that ever has."

               - Margaret Mead

Well, Bear River's citizens demonstrate this in many diferent ways.  Here is
a list of some examples:

      - establishement of a solar aquatics sewage treatment plant (based on
        New Alchemist's technology)

      - community bought the Oakdene Centre, formerly a school, for $1 and
        are working continually to extend its usefulness for the community,
        installing solar technologies, etc.

      - a community health clinic was set up in a former bank building, when
        the bank decided Bear River was too small to justify keeping a
        branch open...

Maybe the thing that impresses me most, especially since many Nova Scotian
communities have a traditional mistrust of "CFAs" or "come-from-aways" is
how people in general have welomed me when I went to their music evenings,
and I have seen that other "outsiders" are made to feel welcome too.

We are already thinking of ways to let the community know how much we
appreciate their hosting our workshop. You may also want to think of this so
if you have something easily transportable that would make a thoughtful
"giftlet" for for our hosts, you might want to bring it along.

For Bear River it is an honour to host us. For us, it is a stroke of luck
that holding the workshop in Bear River is turning out to be feasible.

Partial list of items to bring:

sleeping bag, if possible (Although many people will have beds to sleep in,
not everyone will.)

basic eating utensils (Cup, spoon, bowl... for breakfasts, which will be
available in the Oakdene Centre but will not be catered)

documents to use as reference materials and/or brochures, etc. for
distribution to other delegates

personal travel stuff: toothbrush, comb, clothes, etc.

All the best, Jan


                  "Seeking an Effective Democratic
                      Response to Globalization
                        and Corporate Power"
         - an international workshop for activist leaders -
        June 25 <incl> July 2 - 1998 - Nova Scotia - Canada
                  Restore democratic sovereignty
                  Create a sane and livable world
             Bring corporate globalization under control.
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