feedback needed – please respond


Richard Moore

Dear rn,

This list has been set up for several weeks now and it doesn't seem to be
accomplishing its purpose.

The main purpose of the list, at least at the beginning, was to relieve Jan
from communicating with each and every person about the workshop plans,
answering questions, etc.  We thought with the list we could make the
workshop arrangements more readily, and let everyone know at once about

We've had some strategy postings, because a few people felt like commenting
on that, but there hasn't been any general joining-in on that thread and I
don't think we can say `the group' is `working on strategy' with any
notable energy or relish.  And perhaps that's better left to the workshop
itself, I'm not sure.

And as for the main topic, determining who is coming to the workshop, and
setting up panels, we've gotten around 20 responses, whereas we should have
had more than fifty, given the planned size of the workshop.  Furthermore
the 20 respnses we did receive, which are appreciated, do not represent a
sufficiently broad spectrum of topics nor of participation.

So what's the story folks?  Are people losing interest in the workshop?
Are people just too busy, or procrastinating responses?  Are you unhappy
with the way this list is operating?  Do you want postings restricted to
workshop arrangements only?  We're operating in too much of vacuum thus


Being only six weeks or so from `the day', I believe the protocol for
signups needs to be revised.  The total fee, including room and board, and
assuming camping and minimal-accomodations will be acceptable to many, is
200 dollars Canadian.  I believe at this point that people who definitely
want to attend, should begin sending their full fees to the account Jan has
set up, and which details are appended at the bottom of this post.

We _will have the workshop, and I know defintely of additional people
coming who haven't respnded by email, but with greater participation, the
affair will be _even _better.


Several of you have written in saying "What about my panel proposal?".

The answer to all of you is simple: if you want to talk about the topic you
have suggested, you will definitely be accomodated in the most appropriate
session, you can count on it.

But before we can begin to map out the sessions, and discuss, on a
small-group basis, which panels can be combined together, we need a lot
more people to write in and let us know how they'd like to participate.
That's why I haven't gotten back to you on details.  Hang in there.


I will be in Geneva next week, speaking before at least two NGO sessions,
and meeting as many people as I can, so the list may not be operating --
we'll see how internet connections shape up at the site.  So during that
week please be sure "•••@••.•••" is copied on anything you send
in, just in case, so Jan can field whatever urgent needs might arise.



1) Fees.

            Bank:           Caisse populaire de Clare
            Branch:         Caisse populaire Sainte-Marie ,
                            P.O. Box 99, Church Point, NS,
                            Canada, B0W 1M0
            Transit #       22293-839
            Acct name:      Enviro-Clare
            Acct number:    90468-015

By mail:
        "Enviro-Clare" (payee)
        c/o Jan slakov
        Box 35
        Weymouth, Nova Scotia
        BOW 3T0, Canada

2) Accomodation information-



        Male [ ]  Female [ ]  (we want to be reasonably balanced, re/gender)

        Means of travel (car, plane, etc.):

        Special dietary requirements:

        Accomodation needs (eg, wheel-chair access):

        Accomodation preferences - [ ]-Low cost  or  [ ]-High comfort

        Will bring tent [], could use a tent [ ],  can bring extra tent [ ]

        Deposit was wired on date: _____
                from: account name _____   account number ___

3) Brief description of topic you'd like to talk about as part of a
panel.  And, _please, don't just say "put me in session X"; sessions will
be more effective if we can set up panels that include people who are
dealing with related issues and concerns.


For newcomers, you can easily look back over previous postings... just send
any message to: