about PGA and their materials…


Richard Moore

Dear rn folks,

I've had several requests to publish the PGA manifesto, and so I published
today their introductory letter and the manifesto in two parts.  I left out
their "Plans of Action" as that simply enumerates their recent events in
Geneva and elswhere that you've probably already seen: it is not, as I had
hoped, a _strategy for action, nor did it even talk about _tactics; it was
simply specific `actions', which seems to mean `any noise that can be

As I've seen the news reports of the Geneva events coming out on various
lists, some by PGA and some by others, I'm becoming increasingly
dis-enchanted by PGA's modus operandi.

One thing they do seem to do well is propaganda.  Their manifesto I think
bears reading, and I'd very much like to get feedback from the list as to
whether this is something you would want to `endorse' in some sense.

The `news reports' I've read seemed to be aimed at promoting the idea that
revolution is breaking out all over and the streets of Europe are seething
with spontaneous uprisings.  They are well and passionately written; the
only trouble is that what they say doesn't happen to be true.

I agree with them that people need to be woken up to the need for action,
etc. etc., and that occasional hyperbole may be justifiable in reporting,
but the continual publishing of fabrications can only backfire and
ultimately defeat the effectiveness of their propaganda efforts.