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> But Ghandi's work in India was _highly _confrontational, he was _pushing
> the British and pushing them _hard and he (and all his followers and
> collaborators) eventually _defeated British Imperialism, and British
> leaders were stinging mad about being defeated! 

If you remember me, I'm the person who tried to do the CADRE web pages
for a little while. At that time I hadn't QUITE grasped what it was all
about, on an emotional level. Since then I started reading MAI web
pages, and when I thought of what MAI could mean I "woke up". Now
anti-MAI has become my top cause. I want to get my Green group, and all
the other Green groups, to sign petitions & whatever else we can do. I
have been looking at sites & trying to get information about officials
to whom we can address our concerns... but alas, most of the web sites
are Canadian and the US site hasn't responded.

Can you direct me to some activist resources in the US?

Also, I am now reading all the list-serv posts and learning a lot from
them. I just wanted to say THANKS.

MAI: "Monstrous Assault on Independence".

Dear Laura,   June 1

I'm sure Richard remembers you! I do too. Am glad you are still with us.

First, as I said in my rn list message yesterday, it now looks like the MAI
will not be passed as the MAI but the same provisions will be put through in
other forums. I didn't state clearly that I think, therefore, that we must
be careful not to only speak of the MAI; we must realize that this leaves
the road open for the same provisions to be passed elsewhere.

Yesterday we got a message from a dynamo woman in California, Pia Jensen,
who is working on these issues. I'll post it below. Check out her leads!

Also, I got some good info from a group in the US. You can write to Mark
Vallianatos (International Policy Analyst) <•••@••.•••>  at Freinds of
the Earth for a printed copy of _Licence to Loot: The MAI and how to Stop
it. It is also available on the following web site:

All the best, Jan


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Subject: different audiences

Dear rn list:

The MAI is still progresing, but people have had some 
influence, see:

for links to info on local councils have been saying and for 
numerous articles - people can have an influence if we don't
let up, feeling we can't change anything.

If you know anyone voting in California this June 2, ask them 
to check out the Democracy Network for info on the Gubernatorial, 
US Senmate, Atty General, Lt Governor, etc. Videos and postings 
from candidates on issues and answers to LA Debate questions.

Ask them to pass it on, and on....

Pia Jensen (D) Candidate for Governor
Dear rn list, 

The message below, from Bill Ellis of TRANET, suggests a useful strategy for
activists working on the Proposition 226 issue, also a key issue in California.

Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 06:05:50 -0500
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From: Bill Ellis <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: strategy of our fight against corporate power

I was just watching a PBS debate on Proposition 226, which would make it
illegal for Unions to spend funds on elections without approval by the dues
It is the worker's money so each of them should have a say in how their
dues are spent.

But how about the profits of coporations.  Isn't any profiit the money of
the stock holder?  So shouldn't each stockholder have to approve any money
the corporation spends on politics?

I suggested this idea to our Senator Snowe who developed an ammendment to
the bill Congress.  But the idea needs wider debate by the people.  Who
does own the profits made by a corporation? And who should decide where
they are spent?

Not only are your corporate profits spent on politics without your approval
but also,  monopolies grow because yout profits in a corporation are spent
to buy up the competition.  This an unjustified use of the profits which
should be distributed to the stockholder.  If all profit were distributed
to the stockholder it would be his or her decision as whether to pay them
out for politics or to invest them in a new company.  Such a limitation on
the distribution of profits would prevent monopolies and provide funds for
the establishment of new companies. New innovations were spur the kind of
economic growth approved by the people not by the corporate elite which
controls capital.

What is the difference between dues paid in to a union, a club, or an
association, and the profits made by a corporation?  If proposition 226
passes in California and the other states, what is the implication for the
dues I pah to the Seirra Club, the tithing I pay to my church, or any money
raised by any association?

If any one on this list is familiar with the debate in California could
they enlighten me as why it hasn't raised some of these questions?

Bill Ellis
PO BOX 137
Rangeley ME 04970-0137 USA

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Roque Dalton

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