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Jan Slakov

you can see the MLK archives (at Stanford U.) at this web site:

Hi Jan,

Thanks for including my message about my shift of interest from Civilian
based Defence to a Civilian Peace Service....

 The correct address [for my Civilian Peace Service home page] is:


Kind regards
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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 09:21:47 EDT
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Subject: medicine wheel mistakes

Could you give more source info on the Mistake Medicine Wheel? I would love to
use it soon and want to give credit. BTW, your posting was perfect for me this
morning! Thank you, Rae Petersen

Dear Rae,   June 6

The quote is from Barry Neil Kaufman's _Happiness is a Choice_. You should
be able to order a copy from Kaufman's The Option Institute and Fellowship,
(P.O. box 1180-SR, 2080south Undermountain Rd., sheffield, MA 01257 (413)
229-2100). The publisher is Ballantine Books (Random House). copyright 1991
by Barry Neil Kaufman.

all the best, Jan

Creo que el mundo es bello, 
que la poesía es como el pan, 
de todos. 

(I believe the world is beautiful
and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone)

Roque Dalton

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