re: a note from Sergio


Richard Moore

6/11/98, Sergio wrote to someone else and copied me:
>I have added your email address to a list of people to whom we send
>information from time to time (about 3 times a month). Please let me know
>whether I should take you out.

Dear Sergio,

I would also like to be added to your list.

I have copied you on several of my posts, partly because I was hoping to
have further dialog with you.  Over time, and in absence of any dialog, I
have become increasingly critical of PGA's actions.  When I met you
personally in Geneva, I was _very impressed with your philosophy and your
activism.  But when I saw your mostly peaceful mass demonstration on May 16
ruined by a few people bent on destruction and confrontation I began to get
uneasy.  And when I saw your press reports, which ranted about police
repression, but failed to acknowledge the provocation that occurred, my
uneasiness grew.

When you said PGA believed in non-violence, but was "non judgemental" about
the approach of others, I assumed you meant that in a place like Chiapas
armed resistance to repression might be justified.  Instead, what your
policy seems to mean in practice is that you implicitly encourage violence,
to compel police response, so that you then can cry "foul!".

The net result, in my opinion, discredits the movement and bolsters
corporate power.  If I were the president of the WTO I'd put you on my

I invite clarification from you and would be more than happy to proven
wrong...  I retain a strong affection for you personally.

in solidarity and _non-violent revolution,