rn- A process note from Bruna


Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:29:29
From: •••@••.••• (Bruna Nota)
Subject: process musings


Sorry for not reacting to you abundant mail etc... I am savouring everything
that comes in, but have not sufficient time to give back reasoned responses.
So this will be quick and rough.  It seems to me that, given the exchanges
with Yves -a bit confusing on who says what- we should give some thoutghts
to the high reliance we are putting on a discussion tool -internet- that is
essentially linear and black-and-white (!), when we need to be dealing with
circles, spiral, lateral thinking, nuances, bright images, outside the box
thinking... So, some time will need to be spent on 'process' for strategic
formulation and communication that leaves things open.  The 'you said' - 'I
say', tic for tac ripostes get in the way, even if we declare to have put
our ego in storage.

Elements of a more flexible process may be technical/ logistics, other
semantic clarifications, codes etc. Other still, will be to go to square one
in a very simple manner and look at 'what is the future we desire'.
Visualize it, make it as concrete as possible (we know what does not work),
get some level of agreement on the vision and _then, start working on how to
get there.

See you soon!


>If you want peace, prepare for peace (Si vis pacem para pacem).