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Richard Moore

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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 16:32:02 +0100

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We believe that State power is a major part of the fabric of oppression and
exploitation, and always has been, so therefore needs to be boycotted and
abolished. Decision-making needs to be reclaimed by people directly in their
own communities. This is not a detail, or a tactic, but one of the
fundamentals of what is needed if society is going to progress successfully.
Otherwise people will continue to be controlled indefinitely by local,
national and international State structures, as well as continue to be
hoodwinked by politicians seeking or holding power. What the London
Greenpeace leaflet seeks to do is to give expression to all the positive
social forces in which people empower themselves and in which everyone can
take part. It is only by directly empowering ourselves, not looking to any
'leaders' or institutions (whether governmental or capitalistic etc), that
we will be able to gain control of our lives and our society.

  >Why walk if a vehicle can be commandeered?

Because 'walking' is natural and is something everyone can do (so to speak),
and do together. The means we use to achieve human liberation cannot be
separated from the ends we work towards.

But thanks again for your thoughts - its this kind of discussion we are
hoping to stimulate by distributing our leaflets. Most importantly, this is
a discussion which we'd like to see take place amongst the billions of
extraordinary people the world over who are always hoping for a better life
for themselves, their families and friends, and their communities.

of London Greenpeace

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Dear folks,

I appreciate your very thoughtful response - you took on board my
suggestion, considered it in relation to your analysis, and pointed out a
strategic reason why certain tactics appear to be counter-productive

Allow me to apologize for the sloppy way in which I expressed myself.  The
vehicle metaphor was all wrong.  Let me make a fresh start from another

Your program is a good one.  I for one give it my full support.

Let's say you get a majority of the population to participate in your
program, and everywhere wonderful results are visible.  Only problem: the
government keeps putting up roadblocks, stalling things, being a general
nuisance, always out of step with what people obviously want, insisting
(with force) to collect taxes and spending them on stupid or harmful things
and foreign wars.

Then suppose an election is coming along.  And suppose some people stand up
who are part of your movement and they say "I am putting my name forward
for office X and, if elected, I promise to represent in office _exactly
what a majority of my constituents say to do, nothing more or less, and
I'll stay in touch constantly with the grass roots."

My question: would you recommend to the rest of your people to boycott the

Wouldn't it make sense to allow them to to win all the seats so they could
convene once and _officially disband government so it wouldn't be a further

And if they did convene, is there nothing useful they could do prior to
disbanding, perhaps to officialy cede control of various resources to
specific regions or localities or whatever, to avoid possible future

These _aren't rhetorical questions, I would just like to get a clearer
picture of the scenario you are pursuing.

Also I'm curious about whether you feel any kind written constitution(s)
would be desirable.

And finally, is there any bridge strategy if _most nations are on board
your program but a rogue or two are waiting to spring if other nations get
weak in the military sense?  Could you afford to disband your state
apparatus "before they do"?  I don't want to overemphsize this point, that
would be like Cold-War scare-mongering, but it does deserve some thought --
the situation would surely confront you eventually, if you are successful.




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