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Richard Moore

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Subject: RE: request for comment on Bear River workshop
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998

Dear Richard, as an avid reader of all your written material on the net,
I just want you to know that you and your efforts are appreciated.  To
think that there are dissenting thoughts about this mania for
"globalization" and homogenization of life is pretty heady stuff.  Keep
up the good work and don't be discouraged.  Remember, most governments
have been brought down with better and noble ideas - not money or arms.
Best regards.  Jerry

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 21:38:25 -0300
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From: David Cameron/Nancy Sherwood <•••@••.•••>
Subject: steps

A community will evolve only when
        the people control their means of communication.
                                  -- Frantz Fanon

The above meme is sort of added by accident as posting signature to rkm's
points for action arrived at in Bear River. It may be goal#1!

 Everywhere there are alternate presses, niche journals, private zines, and
many, many websites for alternate thoughts.

I suggest compiling contacts for these grass-root resources and
cross-posting analysis articles, objectives of CDR, etc.

I guess the place to start this activity would be where-ever we
individually are now. For instance, I e-talk to David Orton of Greenweb
Nova Scotia (whose efforts are aimed at evolving a biocentric point of
view), so I send him CDR postings that I feel might ring a bell with him. I
also post to a local enviro-activist who is spearheading action in our
municipality to limit herbicide & pesticide use in lAWN CARE and public
land care. My "service" to her was connecting her to Greenweb which has all
the pertinent research available on the subject +is willing to lend its
voice to the battle.

If we can be of immediate "use" in people's struggles against whatever
aspects of the corporate piracy they may be engaged in, they will be more
likely, I think, to listen to our call to sanity.

The web structure for CDR arrived at in Bear River seems practical. One
aspect of communications that I am experiencing is that many sane people
tend to refuse the use of the computer-seeing it as one more unnecessary &
very suspect intrusion of the corporate agenda into their lives. So they
can't be reached by web or email. This is another reason it may do CDR well
to cross-post to alternate media. The web must be as diverse in its means &
structure as the people it seeks to influence.

Also, many grass-roots thinker/activists are very local, not big-name
movement people or organizors(such as in Nova Scotia, Keith Helmut who
speaks eloquently & thoughtfully on these matters to Quaker Friends). They
have their small spere of influence. CDR could possibly offer them a
slightly larger stage. RKM's dog & pony circus could help do that as could
just encouraging these people to participate here in this forum. Compiling
names & addresses(snail & email) of such people and repeatedly, gently
inviting their participation might be useful.

I really appreciated rkm's comments about how activists discount one
another & play the internal political game. If everyone in CDR can avoid &
discourage this tendency, that alone will be a big service to the
"movement". Of course, along with the great tolerance this entails, it also
begs the creation of boundaries and defined limits to that tolerance.

Enough for now!

David Cameron

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