rn: list realities


Jan Slakov

Note to RN list readers, 

I'm pleased that there is, of late, lots of input to the list. All this
interest has a drawback though: I'm feeling overwhelmed by the task of
getting it into "publishable" form. 

So, first a message to those of you who have contributions for the rn list:

Please do not give up on us if we don't manage to get your message posted.
It does not necessarily mean we thought it was inappropriate; it may mean
instead that we couldn't find a way, at the given time, to fit it in
usefully to the discussion.

It can also be helpful to us if you repost the message (or maybe a "new,
improved" version of it :-) to us some time later, when hopefully we will be
better able to fit it in somehow.

Here are a few more considerations to keep in mind:

1) brevity

2) if you have material on a web site that you want to share, it helps if
you copy it into the body of an e-mail message and send it to us.

3) Please send messages that you would allow us to share with the rn list to
the rn list address: <•••@••.•••>. You can also
write to <•••@••.•••>, which goes to both Richard and I, but then
we can't be sure that we can use the message for the list. 


1) Readers, if you have some comments on which types of messages you find
most/least interesting, this would be a good time to send them in. (We may
post a few of these messages, but they will mainly serve to give Richard and
I some guidance on what type of message to send to the list.)

Also, comments on frequency and length of messages would be helpful. 

all the best (and thanks to an interesting and supportive group of rn
friends), Jan