Extradite Pinochet: on-line petition


Jan Slakov

Dear Renaissance Network,  Nov. 3

Please act quickly; the decision about whether or not to extradite Pinochet
will be made early next week!

Why should he be extradited? As our correspondent, César Roberto, in Brazil
has reminded us, bringing Pinochet to justice should help prevent the
reappearance of dictatorships, especially in the ABC countries: (Argentina,
Brazil, Chile). 

Also: In trying Pinochet some very important information about US
involvement in the crimes will surely come to light. We need people to see
this stuff, (if ever they are to believe that we need them to become
democratically vigilant and active).

Date:   Tue, 3 Nov 1998 10:04:11 -0500
From: Eric Fawcett <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Extradite Pinochet: On-Line Petition

        "Spanish scientists have begun collecting signatures over the
        internet in support of Pinochet's extradition.  Visit the
        following page to add your signature:


Dear Friends,
   I write in English so you can all understand this message.  As you
all probably know the ex-dictator A. Pinochet has been detained in
England by request of a Spanish judge who is now seeking Pinochet's
extradition to Spain to stand trial for some of the crimes committed
during his period as Chile's head of state.
   Spanish scientists have begun collecting signatures over the
internet in support of Pinochet's extradition [see webpage above]
I would like to invite you to do it too and to pass this message to
those friends and colleagues you think may want to support his
extradition.  You may not all know that Pinochet's policies and
decisions not only resulted in the death, torture and execution of many
Chilean citizens, including scientists, priests, artists, etc, but 
also of citizens of other countries, which is what the Spanish court is 
investigating.  His policies also led to the destruction of great academic
institutions and science and education in Chile as a whole, from which
Chile has not recovered and will not recover in probably many many years.

Thank you VERY much!!!  This is urgent because the decision in Spain
will be made early next week.

Dr Marie Noelle Metz-Lutz
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Parting note from Jan:
There are quite personal reasons as well for me to care about this case... I
mention them here because of something the women's movement brought to our
attention: "The personal is political"...

The lullaby I learned for my then unborn daughter, _Gracias a la Vida_, by
the Chilean musician, Violeta Parra, is a terribly beautiful song. More
_terribly_ beautiful than I knew at first... César Roberto wrote to me:

>The Chilean communist Violeta Parra's   "Gracias a la Vida"  (thanks to 
>life) is one of my most loved songs, specially in the emotive version sung 
>by the late Brazilian singer Elis Regina.  Violeta Parra made the music, 
>that is a celebration of life, when she was in bad personal troubles. This 
>melody was the last sung by many Chileans when they were being fired by the 
>fascist military during the 1973 coup.  It may makes me cry.  Brazilian 
>press was then under censorship and could not disclose adequately what was 
>really happening in Chile.  This music was broadcasted again and again  by 
>some Brazilian radios to demonstrate solidarity towards the Chilean people, 
>up to the moment when the stupid censors stumbed onto the truth.

It is not so much this stupid general Pinochet that we must punish; we must
remember what happened and learn how to prevent this from happening again.
Chile is no longer a dictatorship, but Chileans, like the rest of us, are
not truly free. Part of gaining our freedom will be to learn the truth of
how the governments we elected and did not challenge sufficiently
masterminded getting a brute like Pinochet into power.

Grateful for your solidarity,