RN: Noam Chomsky’s 70th coming up!


Jan Slakov


From: •••@••.•••
Subject: Noam Chomsky Birthday Celebration Request... 

Nov 20th, 1998

Dear Friend,

This is Michael Albert from Z Magazine writing to
you. I have an unusual request I would like you
to consider.

December 7 is Noam Chomsky's 70th birthday. Some
folks who Noam works with at MIT got together a
few months back considering what kind of present
they might give Noam to convey people's feelings.
They came up with soliciting a paragraph or two
of good wishes and sentiments (what Noam has
meant to people, etc.) from a large number of
people he has affected around the world. They
decided to do this by way of a web site. People
would go to the site and enter their comments and
when Noam's birthday arrives the creators will
resent him with a scroll of the names of all the
people sending him best wishes. Later he could go
to the site and see what people actually wrote.
This was a nice idea but due to insufficient
"promotion," with only a couple of weeks to go
there are way too few comments to make a worthy

So the originators of the idea have asked me if I
would use the internet to let more people know
about this gift for Noam and also to make clear
that everyone who has strong feelings for and an
intellectual/political "debt" to Noam for his
writing, his commitment, his life, should say so
as a birthday greeting. You don’t have to
personally know him – you just have to feel that
he has made a difference in your political
development, beliefs, commitments, or otherwise,
to want to send him your "birthday greetings."

If Noam has meant enough to your work and
political allegiances to want to thank him for it
and wish him well on his 70th, there are two ways
you can do so.

You can go to the web site (www.zmag.org) and
enter your comments via the link to a Noam
Chomsky Birthday Celebration Form you will find
there -- or you can just reply directly to this
email message with your birthday greeting. In
either event, what you write will be added to the
site for unveiling on December 7th, and most
importantly your name will be added to the scroll
of well wishers presented to Noam on his

I thank you for your time and do hope that you
will join in this celebration of Noam’s 70th


Michael Albert

P.S. I am told this is to be a surprise. So,
while you should certainly tell everyone you know
who you think might want to wish Noam a happy
birthday, you should not communicate directly to
Noam himself about it. Thanks again...

Again, to add your name to the birthday scroll,
either go to www.zmag.org and click the link for
Noam's Birthday Celebration Project and fill out
the form you find there, or, if you prefer, use
your email reply option to send me back the
information requested below. Either approach will
work fine -- thank you. But please reply as soon
as possible and no later than December 5th.

Your Name: ______________________

Your Email Address: _____________________

At most a paragraph or two indicating how Noam has impacted your life, your
values, or your actions, or your regard for his work, and some statement of
your feelings on his 70th birthday: