New Year’s wishes


Jan Slakov

Dear RN list,    Jan. 1, 1999

In the next messages I will send you a press release for the Citizen's
Public Trust Treaty and the Treaty itself, which citizens are asked to
publicize and sign.

The importance of such a treaty was underlined in the past few days for me,
as I heard on the radio or read ideas that I feel are quite off base about
the global situation. (eg. that we must hope that the Clinton administration
will be a strong one to help guide the world's leading country through the
difficulties ahead!). Luckily, to counterbalance such nonsense, I also spoke
with or otherwise "connected to" some bright, caring and committed people,
fellow activists. One long-time friend, a woman in her 60s, is helping to
expose some mafia-like goings-on implicating the supposedly progressive
United Church, the NDP government and multi-millionaire native leaders in
B.C. (British Columbia) Canada. The situation is so creepy that there is
even reason to be concerned for her safety! But thanks to human rights norms
that governments and the United Church have committed themselves to respect
(and people like me who will work to hold the government and the Church to
its promises), she and a minister who was kicked out of the Church for
exposing the truth have hope for seeing that justice be done. 

Obviously, the Citizens Puclic Trust Treaty will not be worth the electrons
it causes to fly about the globe without citizen involvement. The treaty can
help guide that involvement, by providing us with a summary of international
commitments and by helping us to remind people in positions of power that
there are other laws besides the law of the marketplace!

In closing, I would like to share the good wishes sent to this list by
Vivian Lerner. 

Me too, I send my best wishes to the Earth and the living beings she hosts! 
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Subject: Healing Our World

Aloha to you all, with my very best wishes for this planet and the living
beings she hosts
Here comes a good piece, as many of us are fully aware that we need one
more than ever, these days... 

By Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. 
Possibly the most daunting problem faced by those individuals trying to 
change their own relationship with the natural world by reducing 
consumption and increasing awareness of environmental hazards is the 
feeling of aloneness. It is easy to feel singled out and different when 
everywhere you look, conspicuous consumption and toxic pollution are taking 
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