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For the past twenty years, financial globalisation has increased
economic insecurity and social inequality. It bypasses and reduces the
choices of people, democratic institutions and the sovereign states
responsible for the common interest. In the name of global change
presented as a natural law, citizens and their representatives are
prevented from deciding their destiny. It is criticical that this
process be stopped by creating new regulation and control instruments,
at the national, regional, and international level. To face the dual
challenge of social implosion and political dispair requires the
creation of a civil and grassroots movement.

On the occasion of the World Economic Forum, which will be held on 29
January to 1st February 1999 in Davos, the ATTAC association is
initiating, in Paris and in numerous cities in France, a series of
actions with the aim of advancing and promoting alternative proposals
than those of the "market" and its political relays.

Furthermore, ATTAC has associated itself to other international
resistance networks (Coordination Against the MAI, World Forum of
Alternatives, SAPRIN) to widen the development of alternatives to the
dictatorship of "mad money", to reconquer the space lost by democracy
at the benefit of the financial sphere, to oppose all new
relinquishing of the freedom of States in the name of the so called
"right" of investors and merchants. In short, to create, world-wide, a
democratic area.

We invite all citizens from around the world to be heard, whether they
are members of NGOs, unions, networks... or simply desire to become
engaged in a collective thinking through ALTER DAVOS.

ALTER DAVOS : an international citizen forum.

Stage 01: Starting from 9 January, texts will be made available to
readers on the ATTAC website <http://attac.org/alterdavos/>. We invite
you to discuss them in your networks. This introductory discussion
will allow you to become familiar with existing texts and to prepare
the work which will take place on the Internet network.

Stage 02: Starting from 15 January, 16h00 GMT, until Sunday 17
January, 16h00 GMT, we are organising a discussion forum on the Web.
We invite you to join this forum in any public or private place and to
raise the awareness of the greatest number of citizens. The objective
is to achieve, at the end of these debates, the elaboration of a
comprehensive proposal of an international citizen agreement on
investment and wealth.

Stage 03: Saturday 30 January, Davos. A press conference in which the
above-referenced four networks will participate, as well as
representatives of international movements, will allow the work thus
realised to be made public.

Please feel free to distribute this message widely: The success of
this forum depends on everyone's support and participation.

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