Letter: Our most pressing priorities


Jan Slakov

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 00:27:36 +0000
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From: Paul Swann <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Letters to the Editor

Dear Duncan,

In your last editorial [Nexus, Feb-March 1999] you wrote:

"I need to say a few words about Uri Dowbenko's article on "Mind Control
Slavery and the New World Order". The subject is not pleasant; in fact I
had to do some serious soul-searching about whether I should publish such
material...I decided to publish, but have still had to edit it heavily. You
will all probably flinch and ask yourselves whether it could possibly be

Two years ago someone anonymously sent me a copy of "Trance Formation of
America", presumably because I had a fairly high profile locally as a human
rights activist with Amnesty International. Despite my daily exposure to
information about genocide, torture and other gross human rights
violations, Cathy O'Brien's story made me feel literally sick to the
stomach. I would go as far as to caution sensitive individuals against
reading the book, as the information becomes lodged in the emotional body
and is extremely difficult to integrate.

Like you, I went through a process of soul- and internet-searching to
determine whether the book had any basis in fact or was just a sick
fantasy. A search engine lead me to an article by Kathleen Sullivan that
included her email address, and I got in touch with her. It turned out that
not only had she been through a similar experience to O'Brien, but she knew
both her and co-author/'de-programmer' Mark Phillips. My extensive personal
correspondence with Kathleen over the past two years has confirmed beyond
any doubt that she is speaking the truth.

Kathleen acknowledges that the deliberate and systematic fragmentation of
her mind that she experienced during the horror of her "training" sometimes
makes it difficult for her to discern fact from fiction in her recall of
past events. Fortunately she has been gifted with an incredible strength of
will that has enabled her to conduct a rigorous and on-going psychological
self-examination and become a source of support to other mind control
victims and their families. See: <http://parc-vramc.tierranet.com>

Researching the mind control issue is like opening the lid of Pandora's
Box. As Uri said in his excellent article, to create Multiple Personality
Disorder by conscious intent is nothing less than a depraved atrocity. To
realise that respected public figures are capable of such evil forces one
to question the very basis of one's worldview. As the John Lohengard
character said in the fictional conspiracy series "Dark Skies": "There's
another reality out there that most people never find out about. But when
you see it, it changes you forever".

Mind control programming is an extremely disturbing symptom of our
dysfunctional society. If elements of the power elite can perpetrate these
kinds of abuses on children and other innocent people and get away with it,
something is seriously wrong with the way our society works. In my view the
challenge of our time is to (i) educate ourselves about the underlying
causes of our socio-political, economic and environmental problems, (ii)
build a strong grassroots resistance movement to halt the slide towards
global totalitarianism, and (iii) develop a viable strategy for creating a
society that is just, genuinely democratic and ecologically sound.

My personal contribution to this effort - motivated in part by the
information that Kathleen has shared with me - has been to set up a London
Human Rights Forum. This was launched on February 15th with a talk by Susan
George (a leading campaigner against the Multilateral Agreement on
Investment) on "How Corporate Globalization Destroys Human Rights". For
further information about the Forum see:

As Susan made clear, the rise to power of the transnational corporations
and financial speculators in the increasingly globalised capitalist economy
is one of the main underlying causes of human rights violations and
environmental destruction. I'd like to draw your readers' attention to
three initiatives that aim to arrest this new imperialism.

The Inter-Continental Caravan is a project that was conceived in India by
the Karnataka State Farmers' Association (KRRS), a Gandhian movement
committed to non-violent civil disobedience against corporate power. With
the help of the Peoples' Global Action network, 500 activists from India
and other countries in the South will travel around Europe in a convoy of
buses during May-June to express their opposition to the TNCs and financial
institutions. <http://stad.dsl.nl/~caravan>

Timed to coincide with the start of the G8 summit of world leaders in Koln,
Germany and the end of the Inter-Continental Caravan, June 18th has been
declared "a day of protest, action and carnival in financial centres across
the globe". To quote the publicity material for the event: "If you say the
organisation of society and its domination by unaccountable tyrannies is
improper and unjust...you have to consider what the alternatives are and
how you move towards them...And those are not trivial matters; they require
organised popular movements which think things through, which debate, which
act, which experiment, which try alternatives, which develop the seeds of
the future in the present society". <http://www.gn.apc.org/june18>.

The Citizens' Public Trust Treaty is a proposed United Nations General
Assembly Resolution designed to counteract corporate globalization. It
states: "We call upon the nations of the world to ensure the rights of
present and future generations to genuine peace, social justice and
ecological integrity by implementing the principles of this Treaty." To
read the document and sign the petition see:

Finally, a plug for my article "Y2K in Context"
<http://www.provide.net/~aelewis/y2ko/y2ko_504.htm> which attempts to
relate the "millennium bomb" to some of the issues touched on above.

Bravo for having the courage to print Uri's important article.

Paul Swann
London Human Rights Forum
14 Beacon Hill
London N7 9LY