RN: Re: stopping the killer economy


Jan Slakov

Dear RN list,     FEb. 12

Brian Hill has a suggestion on one way to dismantle the killer economy and
Carol Brouillet sends us the agenda for the upcoming conference/gathering
she is organizing. I am quite sure that Paul Swann (cf. today's message on
our most pressing priorities) will be among those at the Los Gatos
gathering, which, as you will see, promises to be an important occasion for
the putting together of minds and thought. I think we can all help by
sending our heartfelt good wishes to those who will be in attendance.

all the best, Jan
From: "Brian Hill" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: HELP needed to transform the killer economy
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 08:38:57 -0800

For several years now I have been proposing that we use the internet to
boycott one transnational corporation at a time until dies, then boycott
another one.  For example, if we went after British Petroleum or Shell,
it would be easy to list all their products and simply buy gas and other
products from other producers, it wouldn't be long before a giant fell.

Note from Jan: Among those I do my best to avoid are Shell, which refused to
intervene to prevent the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other leaders and
which has devastated Ogoni lands in Nigeria. I also avoid anything from
Nestle, which was first the object of a boycott for promoting infant formula
in the "two thirds" world and which, I am quite sure, continues to sell
infant formula and now also sells this "nuclear" chocolate bar which
glorifies the whole idea of "nuking".

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 10:51:22 -0800
From: Carol Brouillet <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Transforming the Killer Economy

Dear Jan, Richard, folks on the list,
   I think/hope you know about the conference/gathering I'm organizing
which will address the issues on this list. I've got my hands full at the
moment, but here is the recent press release. We should get some media
coverage. 78 people are coming, so far (I was trying to hold it to 60- but
I couldn't say no to the people who really wanted to come).
   I am very hopeful that something real and significant will emerge from
this Gathering.
For Immediate Release-   Press Advisory       February 9, 1999

Contact- Carol Brouillet
(Global Exchange) 650-857-0927
fax. 650-857-0419
email- •••@••.•••

Gathering Forces- Challenging the Might of Corporations,
               People Gather to Reclaim the Earth

     In Davos, Switzerland the most powerful 1000 corporations met with the
 heads of state and the mass media to protect and expand their economic
interests; in the Philippines, in Finland, in Los Gatos, California,
throughout the world, people, often belonging to non-government
organizations, are gathering to protect their rights, their ecosystems, and
those who have no voice in our society.  Criticism isn’t enough, even the
World Economic Forum condemns the World Bank and the International Monetary
Fund’s handling of the Asian Crisis, but their solution is to get the
I.M.F. out of the way and let commercial banks impose policies on indebted
nations; the gathering forces of humanity recognize that this solution
would exacerbate the world’s problems. 
     February 25th through February 28th in Los Gatos, an international
group of people will look at Strategies to Transform the Global Economy.
Sponsored by Global Exchange, the systemic nature, depths and dimensions of
the world’s problems will be examined. Solutions and transformative
strategies will be acknowledged and proposed. This gathering is part of a
new kind of "globalization" occurring at the grassroots level towards a
fundamental change in the structures of power.  At International
Conferences throughout the world, on the internet, people are forming
coalitions, alliances, movements, not just against the inequities which
exist or are being forced upon them, but to create ecological, just,
sustainable alternatives to the existing systems
       Evolutionary Biologist Elisabet Sahtouris will speak about the end
of the Cenozoic Era, and the evolutionary possibilities of the crises we
face as a species. Kevin Danaher who edited "Fifty Years is Enough- the
Case Against the World Bank and the I.M.F." and "Corporations are Going to
Get Your Mama" will compare and contrast the major features of elite
globalization (the one usually referred to in the media) and the major
features of grassroots globalization . Tom Greco, author of "New Money for
Healthy Communities" will speak on Y2K.  Andy Caffrey, Earth First!
Activist, will speak about Climate Change. The visionaries  working on
solutions include- Michael Linton, who created the Lets System, who will
introduce and demonstrate a new "smart card system" which will increase the
viability of local currencies. Jeff Smith, a geonomist, will speak about
the need to tax land not labor.  Also presenting their visions- Ron Swenson
on solar energy, John Pozzi on the Global Resources Bank, Geneveive Vaughan
on the Gift Economy, Wendy Pratt on the Alliance for a Caring Economy,
Nigel Strafford on Chaordic Organizations.
    On Friday, February 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. presentations and
dialogues will be open to a limited number of press and interested
individuals. The Gathering will be held in a retreat center, space is
limited. People (including press) must register in advance to come.
Contact- Carol Brouillet (650) 857-0927.

Also we are trying to develop processes to allow more relationship building
and participation amongst everyone- so here is our tentative schedule which
should give you a better feel for what we're up to.

Program for the February Gathering (Tentative)
 3 p.m. .Arrival time-  Explore,  renew friendships, meet others, put out
your literature on the literature tables,  find your room, make your bed,
relax,  have fun.

6-7 p.m--Dinner.- At meals please fill up one table at a time.  When the
table is full, the last person to sit down should clink on a glass, catch
everyone’s attention and introduce themselves- Say your name, who you are,
why you are here, what you are thinking (In less than 2 minutes), then each
person going around in a circle should do the same, then you may carry on a
group conversation or dissolve into the usual chaos. This procedure should
be followed at each meal, each dialogue, each interactive workshop—and
then, by the time we leave, we will all know one another and the dialogues
will be far richer.

7-9 p.m.  Welcome and Introductions.  We will form a circle, each person
will have 1 ½  minutes to introduce themselves.  An extra minute will be
given to those who are new to the group and have no friends or
acquaintances amongst us.  We will take a short break and allow those who
have flown a long way, or are simply exhausted to retire.  Those who wish
to continue the circle process will be asked to respond to one or more of
the following questions-"What are the blind spots of our civilization? What
wisdom,  revelation or insight do you wish to share with others? How could
we collectively help to realize our hopes and dreams for the future?

8-9 a.m.—Breakfast- Remember to "check-in- introduce yourselves in a
circle." Indigenous people also share their dreams in the morning and help
one another figure out the meaning behind them.

9-12 p.m.---Presentations/ Dialogues Each presenter will speak 30 minutes
then move to a different room for a dialogue which could last up to 90 minutes
 9:00-9:25- Elisabet Sahtouris, Evolutionary Biologist, overview
 9:30-9:55   Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange, -fighting institutions to
building alternatives
  10:00-10:25—Bernard Lietaer, Monetary Expert, the monetary system,
  10-30-10:55—Tom Greco, Writer/Activist, Y2K
   11:00-11:30—Andy Caffrey, Activist, Climate Change
   9:30-11:00- Elisabet Sahtouris/ the big picture---Nagel I
  10:00- 11:30-Kevin Danaher/strategy fighting and building--Nagel II
 10:30-12:00---Bernard Lietaer/ the monetary system--Fireplace Lounge
 11:00-12:00—Tom Greco/Y2K---Nagel I

 12-1 p.m.--- Lunch

1-6 p.m. Presentations/Dialogues.
  1:00-1:25—Richard Heinberg, writer, overview of solutions
  1:30-1:55-   Michael Linton, local currencies
  2:00-2:25---Jeff Smith, Geonomics,  the land issue
  2:30-2:55—Ron Swenson, solar energy, a world without oil
  3:00-3:25     Mark Goldes, Aesop Institute, new energy
  3:30-3:55—John Pozzi, Global Resources Bank, new distribution
  4:00-4:25---Genevieve Vaughan,, the gift economy
  4:30-4:55---Nigel Stafford/chaordic organization
  5:00-5:25--- Wendy Pratt/Alliance for a Caring Economy
  5:30-5:55     Norie Huddle, The Best Game on Earth 
 1:00 2:00   Tom Greco/Y2K   Nagle I
 1:00-2:30   Andy Caffrey/Climate Change   Nagle II
 1:30-3:00   Richard Heinberg/fundamental changes   Fireplace Lounge
 2:00-3:30  Michael Linton/local currencies     Nagle I
 2:30-4:00   Jeff Smith/Rethinking Land Ownership       Nagle II
 3:00- 4:30    Ron Swenson/Renewable Energy   Fireplace Lounge
 3:30-5:00   Mark Goldes/New Energy     Nagle I
 4:00-5:30    John Pozzi/Global Resources Bank   Nagle II
 4:30- 6:00-- Genevieve Vaughan/ The Gift Economy  Fireplace Lounge
 5:00 -6:30     Nigel Stafford/Chaordic Organizations    Nagle I
 5:30- 6:00    Wendy Pratt/Alliance for a Caring Economy  Nagle II

6-7 p.m. Dinner 

7-9:30 p.m.  Circle- Everyone will receive the same number of poker chips
representing time.  You may spend your chips to speak to the group. Others
may give you chips or you may give your chips to others

8-9:00 a.m.  Breakfast

9:15-10:15   Circle- Moving into Open Space. The laws of Open Space are
quite Zenlike- "When it starts it starts.  Whoever comes are the right
people.  Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.  When
it’s finished; it’s finished. The Law of Two Feet- If you are not learning
or contributing, use them. Butterflies and Bumblebees are OK- people can
move from group to group and cross-pollinate ideas- it’s ok to be a
butterfly and make space for a different sort of encounter. People are
responsible for their own experience.  Anyone may facilitate a
workshop/dialogue/presentation on any topic and post it on the wall under a
time and place slot. We can negotiate, combine sessions.  People can sign
up on the sessions that they are inerested in to smooth out conflicts


10:00-11:00 a.m. - First Session

12-1:00 p.m.    Lunch

1:10- 2:40- 2nd Session

2:50- 4:20- 3rd Session

4:30- 6:00- 4th Session

6-7 p.m. Dinner

7:30- Circle briefly, then celebration- music, laughter, singing,


8-9:00 a.m.  Breakfast

9:00-9:15- Brief Circle for updates, changes, new sessions

9:20- 10:30 - 5th Session

10:40-12:00- 6th Session

12-1 p.m   Lunch

1:00-1:30    Free time!  Time to get your things together, take your linens
to the laundry bins, pick up literature,... 

1:30- 2:45 p.m. - Closing Circle

2:45 p.m.- Good-byes/ Departure Time     (We need to be out of the building
by  3:00 p.m.)