RN: comments on our priorities


Jan Slakov

Dear RN list,    Feb. 17

As Frank Scott pointed out, one of our most pressing priorities must surely
be to end the killing caused by our governments' horrible economic and
military policies.

With this in mind, you will find in the next message, information on how you
can help to get A NY Times ad against the economic sanctions now crippling
Iraq out (an ad that Chomsky, Zinn and others are supporting as well).

Now to share a couple comments stemming from our "priorities" discussion:

From: •••@••.••• (Robert Hanzel)
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 18:13:55 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Feedback-Pressing Needs

We must give great thanks to Jan & rkm
for providing us such thought-provoking
'food for thought' since the "pressing needs" posting.  So many good
and apparenty only a few really, really bad
apple's, so what's taking us so long?  It
couldn't be total ignorance of the nature
of credit and coin and the circulation of same? NA.  Well then, just
what is it?
Do we have to be against something all
the time?  The War on Drugs.  The War
on Poverty.  The War on Cancer.  The
War on Crime, etc., etc.  What gives?  

We can sit back and pray for a "wave
of love" to come from the many beautiful
inhabitants of this planet, perhaps that is
what will save humanity in the long run. "What can we do"?   Let us not
be against anyone or anything, ONLY for positive alternative solutions
to this beautiful planet's most pressing needs.  Let us "Speak Out" and
really begin "Looking Out" for one another before the noose gets any
tighter, and let's "Do It" with love, a wave of love.

To you all, keep up the great work!

For Economic Freedom, Love, Peace
& Prosperity for ALL,
Yours in the Service,
VegaBob :-)
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:15:48 -0800
From: Viviane Lerner <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: RN: more on our most pressing priorities (peace)

Hello to all,
I'm glad for Jan's message. Weren't I insanely busy today, I'd be tempted
to rave and rant about this incredible brainwash we are subjected to,
that tells us that greed is &quot;human nature,&quot; that competition is
good for us, that generosity is basically abnormal, etc. I'll just
mention Riane Eissler's book, &quot;The Chalice and the Blade,&quot; that
has put together extensive modern archeological research. The conclusion
is that, up to 5,000 BC, human societies were thriving on COOPERATION.

The Experts Report on Peace - The Seville Statement on Violence

Based on rigorous scientific evidence, the Seville Statement (Note
1) refutes the myth that human beings are predisposed to violence through
five key propositions. &quot;It is scientifically incorrect to say: 
    a.. that we have inherited a tendency to make war from our
ancestors; <br>
    b.. that war or any other violent behaviour is genetically
into our nature; <br>
    c.. that in the course of human evolution there has been a selection
aggressive behaviour more than for other kinds of behaviour; <br>
    d.. that humans have a violent brain. How we act is shaped by how
have been conditioned and socialized. There is nothing in our<br>
neurophysiology that compels us to react violently; <br>
    e.. that war is caused by instinct or any single motivation.&quot;
I am satisfied, particularly from all the evidence reported by
UNESCO's Culture of Peace Program (Note 2) and also from extensive research of
the large volume of resource material (Note 3), that peace is achievable.