Kosovo: New military doctrine unleashed


Jan Slakov

Dear RN list,    March 28

The short item below gives us a very good insight into why the bombing
action against Serbia is dangerous and unlikely to accomplish anything good.

All the best, Jan

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NATO: U.S. police force for the world The movement of NATO forces against
Yugoslavia is part of the new military doctrine laid out by the Clinton
Administration. On Dec. 8, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright presented
the plan to a meeting of NATO foreign ministers. Albright laid out a
blueprint for turning NATO into an aggressive global police force.

The Kosovo precedent: A report in the Dec. 5 International Herald Tribune
said of the NATO authorization of military action against Yugoslavia:
"Washington sees this as a precedent for a new NATO." It goes beyond the
Balkans, to authorizing actions anywhere in the world. NATO is acting in the
Balkans under U.S. initiative and without even a United Nations mandate.

What we aren't hearing in the U.S. media Military expansion in the Balkans
is being justified by reports of an alleged massacre of Albanians in Kosovo.
The reports are based on accusations made by William Walker from the U.S.
State Department. Walker heads the Kosovo Verification Mission. But Walker's
account has been strongly disputed by several major European newspapers,
including Le Monde and Le Figaro. These papers assert that the allegations
of a massacre are a fabrication.

Walker is not an independent, neutral observer. He represents the U.S.
government. He has a sordid history in his years of work in Central America
with U.S.-trained death squads in El Salvador. And he was responsible for
setting up a so-called humanitarian operation that was used as a cover for
the contra war to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.

What the Pentagon is really doing: The Pentagon's NATO expansion into the
Balkans is not about helping the people of Kosovo. It's just like the U.S.
war against Iraq, which had nothing to do with helping the people of Kuwait,
despite all the propaganda claims. Just as in the Middle East, this is about
expanding U.S. domination.

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