J18 events cont.


Jan Slakov


Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://stad.dsl.nl/~caravan/


- Contact: Independent Unionists within the Austrian Union Federation
OeGB (contact Karl Fischbacher)
Land Address: Gablenzg.41/9,1150 Wien, Austria
Tel./Fax:*43/1/98 33 992
Email: •••@••.•••


Bilbo (Bilbao) and Iruna (Pamplona)
- Contact: J18 network
Tel.: 944244954 Basque Country
Email: •••@••.•••
Email: •••@••.•••
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Actions against the European Bank of Reconstruction
and Development
- Contact: J18 group:
Email: •••@••.•••
Land Address: 212008 Mogilev Kashtanovaja 27-3,
Podobed Natalia, Belarus
Tel.: 375-17-2391131


Eventos: TOMA LA CALLE! Durante todo el dia se ha hecho una llamada
que todos los colectivos, grupos, peña y demás se curre acciones por
su cuenta.. Vamos a parar el dinero! Habrá tambien bicicletadas
autonomas en los barrios y algun que otro atasco. A las 14.00, en
Plaça Joanic se prepara abrir un parque autogestio-nado en un solar,
con huerta y todo. De ahí sale la marcha, cruzando parte de Barcelona
hasta el Centro. A las 16.00 sale una mani ciclista desde algun pueblo
por alguna autopista de entrada a Barna. A las 18.00 es el punto de
encuentro en Plaça Universitat, donde aparecerá por algun lado un
sound system y se empezará a circular por varias calles hasta
encontrar un punto donde apalan- carse. Por el camino, mucho color e
imaginación.Toda la noche dando la lata hasta un chapuzón en las
pútridas aguas del mediterranio cuando salga el sol.  Planned events:
Global street party. TOMA LA CALLE! At 14.00 in Plaça Joanic an area
will be squatted to make a garden. After lunch the carnival caravan
will march and bike ride for the main streets to LPLAÇA UNIVERSITAT,
where at 18.00 everyone meets and a street party begins moving towards
a very central place, where it will continue for as long as people
can. During the entire march the streets will change in colour, and
all day there will be autonomous actions against power centers, the
cars and the work. In other towns 30 km near Barcelona there will be
bike rides closing off the roads of entrance to Barcelona.  Contactos:
18-J Barcelona/ Barcelona J18 Network (Preguntar en los Centros
Sociales Okupados o en los colectivos de bicicletas.)
Email: •••@••.•••

Reus y Castellón
- Contacto: Ateneos libertarios


- Contact: Zeme predevsim! (Earth First! Prague)
Land Address: PO BOX 237, 160 41 Praha 6
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Street party and march.
- Contact: Autonomous Culture Factory
Land Address: Gajeva 55, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel.: +3851 423044
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: www.zamir.net/ulice
WWW: http://members.xoom.com/zap_zg


NATIONAL NETWORK: Green Student Network
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Kebele
Tel.: 0117 939 9469

Planned events: Transport to the City in London leaves 9 am.
Tickets: Peace Centre Gardner St. #4
- Contact: Brighton J18
Tel.: 01273 298 192 or 01273 698192
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: J18 action group
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Hull on Earth
Land Address: c/o PO Box 43, Hull, HU1 1AA

Planned events: "A day of actions on local corporate nasties"
Morning: Actions across the city, various and inspired.
Afternoon, market square, 3:30 pm for 4 pm departure: The Call It What
You Want Ride. Bring whistles, bells, banners, music, fancy dress and
food to share for a post-ride picnic. An event to celebrate the bike,
ride together in warmth and safety, act simultaneously and in
solidarity with thousands of others across the globe, oppose
environmental destruction, social injustice, swop news, catch up, have
fun, demonstrate the alternatives to cars, consumerism, capitalism,
make new friends, feel empowered (and/or thousands of other things
which you can maybe think of for yourselves!)
Evening: Party. Dance to the sounds of capitalism collapsing or
something like that. Look out for details locally.
- Contact: Lancaster J18 Group
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.june18.freeuk.com

- Contact: Leeds EF!
Tel.: 0113 262 9365

- Contact: Liverpool EF!
Tel.: 0151 727 1611
- Contact: Resistance and Liberty Hall
Tel: 0151 726 9752,
Email: •••@••.•••

Planned events: Mass protest and carnival to spotlight the links
between economic globalisation, poverty, and the destruction of the
Earth's environment. Standstill and chaos in the City. Attended by
activists from the Biotic Baking Brigade, famous for throwing cream
pies in the faces of powerful men. Offices of major corporations and
banks to be occupied by revellers, while Reclaim the Streets is
holding a Carnival against Capital to bring the City to a standstill.
"The global capitalist system based on the exploitation of people and
the planet for the profit of a few is at the very root of our social
and ecological troubles." Lunchtime hours and throughout day ---
Music, theatre, free food. Also secret actions in various locations.
See j18 web site.
7.30 am --- Critical Mass. Cycle action to reclaim the City streets.
Meet West Smithfield, EC1 near City Thameslink and Farringdon rail
10.00 am --- Picket of Reed Employment Agency, 87 Moorgate, EC1. Over
'New Deal' harassment of claimants.
Contact: Haringay Solidarity Group.
Tel:  0181 374 5027.
10.30 am --- "Animal abuse is as transnational as capital". Meet
Farringdon tube.
Contact: London Animal Action.
Tel.: 0171 278 3068.
11.00 am --- Global Chain Reaction. Human chain around Treasury, bring
whistles and banners. Meet 11 am Parliament Square.
Contact: People and Planet.
Tel.: 01865 245 678.
11.00 am --- Picket of McDonald's. Meet Liverpool Street Station
Contact: London Greenpeace.
Tel.: 0171 713 1269.
12.00 noon --- Carnival Against Capital. Bring food to share, things
to make music and noise with, radios. Meet Liverpool Street Station.
Contact: Reclaim the Streets.
Tel.: 0171 281 4621 or 0836 536 537.
13.30 pm --- Protest against the Militarisation of Space. Meet Green
Park tube.
Contact: Association of Autonomous Astronauts.
Tel.: 0793 0834904.
16.00 pm --- Picket of Aroma Cafe (bought by McDonald's). Meet
Bishopsgate entrance of Liverpool Street BR station.
Contact: London Greenpeace.
Tel.: 0171 713 1269.
18:00 pm --- Party in protest against UCI Cinemas outside Empire
Cinema in Leicester Square¸ WC2. Against the proposed UCI multiplex
development at Crystal Palace Park.
19.00 pm (sharp) --- Eurobunk. Meet at Waterloo Station for mass free
ride on Eurostar train to Brussels. Change trains for Cologne and
anti-G8 demo on Saturday 19 June. Bring sleeping bag or tent.
Contact: •••@••.•••
All day --- Actions against GAP (also trading as BabyGap, Old Navy and
Banana Republic). Disruption of their sales in response to the
exploitation of manufacturing workers. "We want to inform GAP's
customers, shopworkers, and the public in general about the disgusting
conditions in which people are being forced to work in Russian
factories." Meet GAP/GAP Kids at 315 Oxford St, W1.
Contact: International Solidarity with Workers of Russia, ISWoR.
Land Address: Box R, 46 Denmark Hill, London SE5 8RZ
Email: •••@••.•••

- London Reclaim The Streets (RTS)
Tel.: 0171 281 4621
Email: •••@••.•••
- London Genetic Engeneering Network
Tel.: 0181 374 9516
Email: •••@••.•••
- London Animal Action
Email: •••@••.•••
- Mclibel/London Greenpeace
Email: •••@••.•••
- Movement for a Socialist Future
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.sfuture.demon.co.uk

- Contact: Manchester J18 Group
Email: •••@••.•••
Tel.: 0161 226 6814
- Contact: Manchester Earth First!
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Newcastle TAPP
Email: •••@••.•••
Land Address: c/o PO Box 1TA, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 1TA

- Contact: Norfolk Earth First!
Tel.: 01603 629482
Land Address: BOX EF!, The Green House, 42-46 Bethal St.,

Planned events:A variety of different autonomous groups head to London
to take part in different actions against finicial targets. Veggies
distributes free food round the square mile, and transport will be
provided to London for the Carnivial. There are two training days on
the 13th/ 14th for informal skill sharing and useful information for
the day.
- Contact: Nottingham J18 group
Tel.: 0115 9585 666
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Oxford Corporate Watch/J18 group
Tel.: 01865 791391

Planned events: Roadbusters will be joining opposition groups in
Newbury, Berkshire to peacefully protest the expansion of Vodafone
into a greenfield site near Newbury. Multinational mobile-phone
company Vodafone is now one of the UK's top ten biggest corporations.
- Contact: Roadbusters activist group
Email: •••@••.•••
Tel: +44(0)118 954 6430
WWW: http://www.roadbusters.clara.net

The Sheffield J18 group will be travelling to London for the actions
there. Some people will join the carnival, whilst others will look to
highlight the problems caused by various financial institutions by
taking direct action.
Contact June 18th Group
Tel.: c/o 0114-273-1978
Email: •••@••.••• or •••@••.•••

Stoke on Trent
- Contact: Planet Sound Community Arts
Working email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Yassen Rousser
Tel.: 0191 552 9232

- Contact: Winchester J18 Group
Tel.: 01962 889409
Email: •••@••.•••

Planned events: A Menwith Hill protest on the 20th.
- Contact: YorkLEAF
Email: •••@••.•••
Land Address: PO Box 323, York

- Contact: J18 network/ Muutoksen Kev
Email: (Ville L"hde) •••@••.•••
Email: •••@••.•••
Land Address: P.O.Box 847, 33101 Tampere, Finland
WWW: http://www.sci.fi/~blindeye/mkevat/


- Contact: Pericles
Email: •••@••.•••

Planned events: Reclaim the Streets party on the 19th.
- Contact: MALOKA, B.P. 536, 21014 Dijon
Tel. +33 (0)3 80 66 81 49
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Nantes est une fête!
Email adress : •••@••.•••
Land address : 113 rue d'Allonville, 44000 Nantes, FRANCE
- Contact: French Unemployed Movement
Email: •••@••.•••


- Contact: Berlin J-18 group
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Regional Action Group
Fax: 0049-69-774670 (please mark it with "WIR")
Tel: 0049-69-774670 (ask for "W.I.R. group")
(Mo 18.30-23; We 18.30-22; Su 11-15 (GMT))
Email: •••@••.•••

Planned events:
J.18 Laugh Parade. At 17:00 (5 p.m.) in Cologne's city center
thousands of people will make a laughing stock of the G8 leaders.
Arranged together with the Intercontinental Caravan (ICC). In
Leverkusen (near Cologne), there is an action at Bayer (chemical TNC)
at 11 a.m.
- Contact: ICC
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact for all actions in Cologne: Infoladen Koeln
Address: Ludolf-Camphausen-Str. 36, 50672 Köln
Tel. +49 - 221/52 29 07
Fax +49 - 221/510 27 65
e-mail: •••@••.••• or
WWW: http://www.members.partisan.net/koeln99
- Further contact: German Anti-MAI and Globalization campaign
Email: •••@••.•••

A call for mass fare-dodging has gone out for activists within an
overnight train-ride to Cologne: "Get together en-masse at your main
train station and get on a train for Cologne and let us turn June 19
into another day to remember." No money. No passport. No problem.
Related events in Köln around June 18:
--- June 15th -20th: Camp99. A camp for activists coming from
different countries, including 400 Indian activists who are in Cologne
from June 15 to 20 at the climax of their one month long direct action
tour of Europe (InterContinental Caravan, ICC).
Location: subway Slabystr. (U 13/15/16)
Contact: •••@••.•••
Tel. +49 -221 9402651
WWW: http://stad.dsl.nl/~caravan
--- June 16th: Discussion about Globalisation and alternatives.
10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Contact: Maria Mies (Komitee Widerstand gegen das MAI, Koeln)
June 16th: International Hearing on the "economic rights of women"
with women reporting from different countries. 5 p.m.
Contact: NRO Frauenforum
Land Address: c/o Autorinnen Buero Coeln, Friesenstr. 73-75,
50670 Koeln
Tel.: 0221/2571071
Fax: 0221/2571075
Email: •••@••.•••
--- June 17th-18th: Alternative Summit
Contact: WEED (NGO)
Land Address: Bertha-von Suttner-Platz 13, 53111 Bonn
Tel.: 0228 / 76 6130
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.weedbonn.org/aktiong7/
--- June 19th: A mass demonstration against the G7 summit.
Contact: Buendnis Koelne 99 (Alliance Cologne 99)
Land Address: Koernerstrasse 69, 50823 Koeln
Tel. +49- 221/ 952 00 08
Fax +49- 221/ 952 00 77
Email: •••@••.•••
--- June 19th: Human Chain to cancel the debt of the poorest countries
Contact: Erlassjahrkampagne/Jubilee 2000
Land Address: c/o Suedwind, Lindenstr. 58-60, 53721 Siegburg
Tel.: 02241/591226,
Fax.: 02241/591227
WWW: http://www.erlassjahr2000.de/koeln.html
Email: •••@••.•••



"A net of free individualities"
Planned events: "For the J18 we'll realize several different
individual performances all over the nation, firstly in Milano, Roma
and Bologna (but not only). We'll seed the cities with a multitude of
TAZ, detournaments and performances about war, involving people in the
- Contact: Il kuneo anarcociclista
Email: •••@••.•••
Mailing list: •••@••.•••
WWW: www.kyuzz.org/YouthAgainstInternet
- Contact: Orgon
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Banca della Ruota Infuocata
WWW: <www.kyuzz.org/YouthAgainstInternet (TM)/BRi>

Planned events: see Anarcociclismo above

Planned events: A street rave parade, with a large number of squats,
sound systems and people.
- Contact: see Anarcociclismo above

Planned events: A street rave parade, with a large number of squats,
sound systems and people.
- Contact: see Anarcociclismo above

- Contact: J18 Network
Land Adress: Cascini Corso Regina, Margharita, 37110010,
Torino, Italy
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: J18 punk concert
- Contact: Moviment Graffitti
Land Address: PO BOX 24 Sliema Malta
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Free train action: Amsterdam-Cologne-Amsterdam
Land Address: postbox 2228, 2301 CE Leiden
Tel./Fax.: 071 5173019
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Beurs Appèl - 18 juni!
(contact: Frank van Schaik)
Land Address: c/o Strohalm, Oudegracht 42, 3511 AR Utrecht
Tel: +31-30-2314314
Fax: +31-30-2343986
Email: •••@••.•••


- Contact: Green Federation
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: A picnic with lots of entertainment in front of some
big multinational.
- Contact: GAIA - Grupo Académico de Intervenção Ambiental
Email: •••@••.•••
Alt. email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://students.si.fct.unl.pt/gaia/


- Contact: Ecotopia
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Reclaim The Streets. Meet at 12 noon at Castle Gate.
For more info, contact the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (see below).

Planned events: Carnival and Protest Against Capital including
opportunity to learn a new dance called the G8 Stomp. Meet 12 noon at
the Mound. Also ranting and laugh-in. Plus plenty of action thoughout
the day. Abolish Debt. Abolish Money. Create the Gift Economy. 10,000
£10 bank notes from the Bank of Bigotry will flood across the city.
- Contact: Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh
Land Address: 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA
Tel.: + 44 (0)131 557 6242
E mail: •••@••.••• or •••@••.•••
WWW: http://burn.ucsd.edu/~lothian/j18/

Planned events: Global street party, with 3 sound systems and more.
Meet 1pm at Kelvinbridge, St. Enoch or Kinning Park undergrounds.
Cyclists meet at corner of University Ave and Byers Rd.
- Contact: FastLane Peacecamp
Tel: +44 (0)1436 820 901
WWW: http://www.j18.org/glasgow/html


Planned events: Party against globalization and street privatization.
Feminist, autonomous, ecologist, and syndicalist groups organize a
carnival in front of the public savings bank Cajastur. During the
action, leaflets are distributed about the "policies that Prime
Ministers and the chiefs of big corporations are preparing for our
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Espacio Autonomo
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Huelva J18 Network (Network of environmental groups)
(Coordination: Foros Telemáticos Socioambientales de Huelva)
(Contact person: Manuel Gualda Caballero)
WWW: http://utopiaverde.org/foros-huelva/actividades/18-junio
Email: •••@••.••• or •••@••.•••

Planned events: Acciones de protesta ante centros financieros.
- Contact: COMISIÓN 0'7 LLEIDA
Tel.: 639 383978 or 973 212285
Fax.: 973 280021
Land Address: Apdo. de correos 1019, 25006 LLEIDA
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.redestb.es/07-lleida

Planned events: Semana de accion social "Rompamos el silencio". Week
of Social Action "Let us break the Silence", 7 days of social fight by
many social groups: autonomous, unemployed, environmental, squaters,
pro animal rights....
Global street party. Start in Plaza de Lavapies at 16:00h.
Theatre, actions, music, performances...
- Contact tel.: 91 5324238
Fax.: 91 5322807
Land Address: PO BOX 14409, MADRID 28080
E-Mail: •••@••.•••
- Contact: 18Jmadrid
Email: •••@••.•••
URL: http://www.nodo50.org/reclaim
- Contact: Ecologistas en Acción, Internacional/ Contra-Maastricht
Email: •••@••.•••
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Movimiento contra la Europa de Maastricht
Land Address: c/ Campomanes 13, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Planned events: Por la tarde dos bicifestaciones, una gran fiesta en
la calle y algunos acciones directas por toda la ciudad. Two open
"critical mass" in the afternoon, a big street party, and some direct
actions all over the city."
- Contacto: Coalicion para el 18j
Email: •••@••.•••
(or •••@••.•••, if dead)


- Contact: J18 Group
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: The Surrealist Group
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Reclaim The Streets party. "Here, the streets,
privatized by cars, will be given back to the citizens. A huge event
with music and more".
- Contact: Lausanne J18 group
Land adresses:
- Infoseek, espace autogéré, 60 av. de Morges, 1004 Lausanne
- Infokiosk, 4 rue de la Faucille, 1201 Genève
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: A Reclaim The Streets event that will start on Windsor
Rd Penarth at 12pm, proceeding to the barrage gate, onto the barrage
construction site and onto the eco-village site.
- Contact: Cardiff J18 Group
Email: •••@••.•••



Calgary, Alberta
Planned events: 12:00 Noon: Meet in front of Shell headquarters (400 -
4th Ave. SW) to demonstrate, hand out literature and perform street
theater. 12:30: March from Shell headquarters to Chevron headquarters
(500 - 5th Ave. SW) to do the same. "Oil barons must be held
accountable for the atrocities they commit." Shell "owns half of the
Nigerian economy and has committed gross atrocities against Nigeria's
culture, people and environment." Chevron "also commits violations in
Contact: June 18th Coalition
Email: Wolfman, •••@••.•••
Tel.: (403) 210 - 6062
Email: Tak, •••@••.•••
Tel.: (403) 271 - 2187
WWW: http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~dhallsop/june18.html

Montreal, Quebec
- Contact: Montreal/Quebec J18 groups
Email: •••@••.•••

Ottawa, Ontario
Planned events: Peoples' Global Action - Ottawa (social movements such
as the Canadian Federation of Students, coalition to stop the war
against Yugoslavia, Industrial Workers of the World, Canadian Union of
Postal Workers, and Comite des Sans Emploi -Montreal folks-, Critical
Mass) organise actions on corporate institutions.
- Contact: Ottawa J18 network
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Canadian Union of Postal Workers
(contact person: David Bleakney)
Land Address: 377 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1Y3
Tel: 613-236-7230 ext. 7953
Email: •••@••.•••

Regina, Saskatoon
Planned events: Students and trade unionists unite in big and radical
- Contact: Regina J18 network (The University of Regina
Students' Union and The Canadian Union of Public Employees)
Land Address: Local 2419, Univ. of Regina, Regina, SK S4S 0A2
Tel.: (306) 586-8811 ext. 203
Fax.: (306) 586-8812
Email: •••@••.•••

Toronto, Mississauga Territory, Turtle Island
Planned events: Gather at 4 pm at Bloor & Parliament in the north end
of St. Jamestown. The Critical Mass of cyclists will join puppeteers,
radical cheerleaders, faerie pranksters, stiltwalkers, performance
troupes, DJs, percussionists and pyrotechnicians who will move past
the Sherbourne-Dundas neighbourhood (home to people made homeless by
neoliberalism) and the Church-Wellesley lesbian & gay neighbourhood,
proceeding to the intersection of Bay & Bloor. There, a giant
anti-corporate bowling lane will be formed to protest violations of
human rights and labour by corporations such as Nike, Club Monaco,
Chapters, The GAP, McDonalds, and the various big Canadian banks. At
the Spadina/Bloor intersection members of the First Nations community
participating in the Buffalo Jump Native Sovereignty festival will
join the procession, which next will continue through the Brunswick &
Bloor intersection, and enter Christie Pits, winding down in the park
with a picnic and musical perfomers.
Contact: Reclaim the Streets Toronto
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://rts.toronto.tao.ca
Tel.: 416.760.4963
Mail: RTS-Toronto PO Box 195 Toronto, Canada M5T 2W1

Vancouver, British Columbia
Planned events: Carnival. Events in the downtown core - exact
locations to be announced. Watch for posters, stickers, and graffitti.
- Contact: Vancouver Anti-WTO Coalition
E-mail: •••@••.••• for discussion (a list server dedicated to
June 18 and WTO Seattle) or •••@••.••• for specifics


Mexico City
Planned events: An action on the Stock Exchange.
- Contact: Mejor Vida Corp.
Land Address: Apartado Postal M-2246, Mexico D.F. 06002
E-mail: •••@••.•••
Fax: (603) 687-4977


Albuquerque, New Mexico
- Contact: Feminists Liberating Our World (FLOW) (a feminist activist
Email: •••@••.•••

Austin, Texas
Planned events: Texans to ride in solidarity with the Global Carnival
against capital. Cyclists will gather at approximately 5pm for a
Critical Mass ride around the city. A regrouping will take place
around 7:30 at a location to be announced to continue the celebration
of the Beginning of the End of Capitalism. Participants are encouraged
to bring musical instruments, costumes, food, and any other items that
would help heighten festivities and reclaim the streets. This action
is without leaders or group sponsorship, it is action by and for the
people, the citizens of the Earth.
- Contact: J18 Austin
Email: •••@••.•••

Boston, Massachusetts
Planned events: Carnival Against Capital. Gather on the Bank Boston
Plaza at noon: 100 Federal St., Downtown Boston. Enter line to apply
for reparations grant from FleeceBoston bank at 1:00. Near Downtown
Crossing, South Station and State Street T Stops. A day to resist
together neoliberal capital and its exploitation, oppression and wars,
and to celebrate the alternative of grassroots resistance. We will
have music, drums, dance, theater, short talks, puppets, posters, and
leaflets. "We plan to combine satire and entertainment with serious
critique, to shine light on the dark side of finance capital - the
giant banks at the center of the neoliberal conquest of the world."
- Contact: Boston Encuentro
Land address: c/o Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Ave.,
Boston, 617/267- 6272; or P.O. Box 204, Jamaica Plain,
MA 02130
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.j18.org

Chicago, Illinois
- Contact: J18 Group
Email: •••@••.•••

Denver, Colorado
- Contact: J18 Group
Email: •••@••.•••

Eugene, Oregon
Planned events: In dishonor of the G8 Summit meeting in Cologne,
Eugene Reclaim The Streets is hosting a street party as part of the
global June 18th project. People meet at the bus station at 10th and
Olive at 2:15 pm, and proceed to an as yet undisclosed street to
reclaim. There is a live broadcast done from local micropower
station Radio Free Cascadia 98.5 FM featuring local rave/dance
DJ's live in the studio. BRING: boomboxes and radios to pick the
broadcast up, musical instruments, art supplies for a mural,
costumes, poetry, food to share, stories, information to distribute
(and tables to put it on if you so desire), dancing shoes, and your
own sweet creative selves. "Eugene Reclaim The Streets is hosting
this street party in order to reclaim our rightful public space."
"Like the airwaves and the forests, the streets belong to the people
and not to private interests such as Downtown Inc. We view the
reclamation of public resources as a crucial component of the fight
against corporate dominance." There is a "safe space" for kids and
others. Food Not Bombs serves free food at 4 pm. In the afternoon
there is a guided tour of downtown Eugene, pointing out some of
the most insidious local manifestations of global capital.
- Contact: Eugene PeaceWorks
Land Address: 454 Willamette #205, Eugene, OR 97401
Tel.: (541) 343-8548
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.efn.org/~eugpeace

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
- Contact: J18 group
Email: •••@••.•••

Lawrence, Kansas
Planned events: A day of protest, action and carnival. Start at 5 pm
at Mercantile Bank at 9th St. and Massachusetts St.
- Contact: Kansas J18 Group
Land Address: P.O. Box 442286, Lawrence, KS 66044
Tel: 800-884-1136
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://home.earthlink.net/~foodnotbombs

Lincoln, Nebraska
- Contact: J18 group
Email: •••@••.•••

Los Angeles, California
Planned events: Global street party against globalization and
corporate dominance over ecosystems and communities. Assembly at
1:00pm on 5th and Hill in Pershing Square, across the street from the
Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA. Participants should bring banners,
food, drums, puppets etc., and preferably show up in costumes (e.g.
business attire). "In mass we'll march, bike ride, dance, protest and
party towards destinations to be announced. Have fun. Be creative.
There will be music. There will be dancing. Remember, revolution is
the festival of the oppressed!" An autonomous action, without leaders
or determined plan.
- Contact: Los Angeles June 18th Coalition
Tel.: (310) 772-8180
Email: •••@••.••• or •••@••.•••
Land Address: San Diego June 18th, c/o Sandi Smith, Box 261,
6161 El Cajon Blvd., Suite B San Diego, CA, 92115

- Contact: Earth First! Western Massachusetts
Email: •••@••.•••

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Planned events: The purpose of these events is three-fold: to expose
the human rights violations, unsafe practices, environmental
degradation, lack of accountability, or monopolies of corporations
based in the city of Minneapolis; to relate these abuses to the
growing "free trade" movement (as administered by the IMF, WTO, and
the World Bank); and to enjoy ourselves through free expression, free
food, free music, and free theatre.
--- 11:33 am: Peavey Plaza (downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet between
11th and 12th streets): free food, music, info, performance and street
--- Around 1:30 pm: corporate tour of Minneapolis.
--- Critical mass bicycle ride(s) (information available at the 11:33
- Contact: J18 Coalition
Tel: (651) 649-5460
Email: •••@••.•••

New England
- Contact: Diverse Women for Diversity
Email address: •••@••.•••
- Contact: General Chad & Co
Email: •••@••.•••

New York City, New York
Planned events: Street party. Assemble at 3 pm at Liberty Plaza,
downtown Manhattan, and march to location. Groups involved in planning
are diverse and unaffiliated: Lower East Side Collective, Green Party,
IWW, Time's Up!, Blackout Books, and others. Over a thousand people
are expected. Music, dancing, fire-eating, pole-climbing, costumes,
chalk graffiti, etc.
- Contact: Reclaim The Streets
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://reclaimthestreetsnyc.tao.ca
- Contact: Situationist/Creative Group:
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Electronic Disturbance Theatre
Email: •••@••.•••

Oakland, California
- Contact: Economic Justice Now
E-mail: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.economicjustice.org

Portland, Oregon
- Contact: End Corporate Dominance Alliance
Email: •••@••.•••
Land Address: PO Box 1375, Portland, Oregon 97207

Reno, Nevada
Planned events: Small solidarity action.
- Contact: Reclaim The Streets
Email: •••@••.•••

San Diego, California
Planned event: A protest in the World Trade Center, 1250 6th Ave.,
Downtown San Diego. 4-5:30 pm
- Contact: San Diego M.I.A. Alert
(contact person: Jean)
Tel.: 1(619) 463-0721
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: San Diego June 18th
Land Address: c/o Sandi Smith, Box 261 6161 El Cajon Blvd.,
Suite B San Diego, CA, 92115

San Francisco, California
Planned events: Festival of resistance and action to reclaim the
streets of the San Fransisco financial district as part of an
International Day of Action Against Corporate Globalization. Meeting
at Justin Herman Plaza at 11:30 a.m., thousands of people will proceed
through the financial district, stopping in front of some of the worst
home-grown corporate criminals to denounce their policies, from
sweatshops and ecological devastation, to speculation and war.
Stiltwalkers, giant puppets, drummers, musicians, bicyclists, singers
and dancers, along with demonstrators of all stripes will create a
festive carnival of protest in the heart of one of the global market
centers: "A massive party to celebrate the potential of the world and
to reinvigorate efforts to stave off its destruction." Bring music,
art, theater, food to share, ideas, and your friends. Decentralized
sound system: bring radios/boomboxes and tune to RTS Micro Radio
87.9fm. Refreshments provided by Food Not Bombs.
- Contact: San Francisco Reclaim the Streets
(contact persons: Juliette and Debra)
Tel.: (415) 255-7296 (or, alternatively, 415 820-3226)
WWW: http://xinet.com/rts/
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Art and Revolution
Tel.: 415-339-7801
WWW: www.igc.org/justice/artandrevolution.
Action against GAP clothing (also trading as BabyGap, Old Navy and
Banana Republic). "We want to inform GAP's customers, shopworkers, and
the public in general about the disgusting conditions in which people
are being forced to work in Russian factories." Meet outside the
flagship GAP store at Powell and Market at 11:30 am, from which the
main march will be greeted a few minutes later.
- Contact: International Solidarity with Workers of Russia, ISWoR.
Email: •••@••.•••
Mail: PO Box 424725, San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington
- Contact: Seattle J18 group
Email: •••@••.•••



- Contact: J18 group
Email: •••@••.•••

Planned events: 8.30am: Free breakfast outside Flinders Street Station
(under the clocks). 12pm: Meet outside General Post Office, cnr
Elizbeth street and Bourke Street. Individual groups advertise other
events, and in general various events will occur spontaneously.
- Contact: J18 Melbourne
Email: •••@••.••• or •••@••.•••

- Contact: Alive and Global J18
Land Address: Box 37, Maylands, Perth, Western Australia 6931
Email: •••@••.•••

Planned events:
--- Good morning, Australia ---
Banners hung on major routes into the city. Travelling on the morning
trains and buses, activists welcome city-dwellers to a day they won't
--- Press conference 11 am NSW parliament hse ---
Speakers: Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon, Trevor Thomas (Jubilee 2000), Lina
Cabaero (AidWatch), Kilty O'Gorman (Justice Action). Global financial
issues, such as MAI, Third-World debt, corporatism and the impact of
widespread privatisation, and the significance of the day's direct
--- Lunchtime fiesta ---
Lunchtime music and street theatre, while all are invited to
participate in interactive discussions/ debates about the impact of
globalisation and corporatism on the community. Martin Place.
--- Corporate info (Scumbags) tour ---
A black comedy guided tour of major corporations in the CBD that
exploit people and the planet for the profit of a few. Corporate
vandals such as Westpac, ERA and Boral have their indiscretions
exposed to the public.
--- Friday night office party ---
Peak hour carnival with Critical Mass riding through the streets of
Sydney. Bands and DJs turn the CBD into a party for the night.
- Webcast:
The Sydney action will be covered live by a team of alternative media
freaks. Updated reports from the streets all day, with real video,
audio, photos, and text.
WWW: http://www.j18.cat.org.au
- Contact: Sydney J18 network
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Reclaim the Streets
Email: •••@••.•••
- Contact: Conversations for the 21st Century
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~nwinterb



Buenos Aires
De 11a.m. a 2p.m. Encuentro: calle Reconquista, frente al Banco
Central/F.M.I., a las 11 a.m.
A. ACTO de denuncia y oracion multirreligiosa participativa, frente a
las oficinas del F.M.I./Banco Central, y luego;
B. MARCHA ecumenica por las calles del distrito bancario y financiero.
Slogans/consignas principales: "SI A LA VIDA, NO A LA DEUDA"; "POR LA
- Organizacion convocante: DIALOGO/JUBILEO 2000.
Co-Oficiantes: Sacerdotes catolicos, pastores protestantes, rabinos
judios, ministros musulmanes, ortodoxos, maestros budistas, laicos.
Participantes: Ciudadanos en general, y organizaciones de derechos
humanos (Madres de Plaza de Mayo, y otras); Central de Trabajadores
Argentinos/C.T.A.; organizaciones sociales; feministas, ecologistas,
intelectuales, artistas, personalidades como el Premio Nobel de la
Paz, Adolfo Perez Esquivel.
Planned events: The debt cancellation movement Dialogo 2000,
(religious and social groupings including Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
and trade unions), will hold a procession/march through the financial
centre. This will be a joint multi-religious celebration and street
action event, with catholic, jewish, muslim, and protestant ministers
(bells, carillons and shofar sounds), with the participation of social
and worker's movements: artists, intellectuals, feminists, ecologists
and human rights militants. In front of the Central Bank/IMF, building
speakers will argue for non-payment by the peoples of the indebted
South, and popular artists and musicians will perform under the banner
Liberation from Debt.
- Contactos: •••@••.•••;
•••@••.•••; •••@••.•••

Otras acciones en Buenos Aires/Other actions in Buenos Aires:
- Contact: GAPLAH (grupo autogestionario para la liberacion animal y
Email: •••@••.•••


- Contact: Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos EUZEBIO ROCHA em
Defesa do Brasil e do Povo Brasileiro
Email: •••@••.•••

- Contact: Tribunal da Divida (External Debt Tribunal/Campaign for
Non-payment of External Debt):
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://www.jubileu2000.org.br

São Paulo y Sorocaba
Planned events: Marcado manifestar frente a cuatro bancos.
- Contacto: Comisión Organizadora: Encuentro Continental de Derecho
(contacto: Profesor J)
Email: •••@••.•••
WWW: http://conjuntos.es.fortunecity.com/social/6


- Contact: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Un foro en la Universidad de Antioquia sobre
globalizacion y sus consecuencias para las comunidades y la vida.
Pelicula. Carnaval callejero popular contra las multinacionales en un
parque de la ciudad. Esta fiesta callejera contendra: bazar trueque
(llevaremos articulos para intercambiar sin dinero), juegos
tradicionales, saltimbanquis, audicion musical, videos, poesia, y un
gran concierto.
Planned events: "A forum on globalisation, a carnival against
multinationals with a potlatch bazaar, traditional games and puppets
and acrobats, music videos and poetry, and a concert with local ska
and punk bands. "We are conscious of the devastating capability of
transnational capital but we are also conscious of the creative
capacity of imagination and freedom. That's why we will protest in
force but also celebrate with joy, the joy of making possible human
contact, warmth, art and life."
- Contact: Club De Los Intelectuales Podridos, Medellin
Email: •••@••.•••


Planned events: Spoof trade fair. A bank for the poor to deposit
misery and unemployment, and rubbish workers to deposit their rubbish.
Posters and flyers, designed as cheques or dollars.
- Contact: J18 network Montevideo
Email: •••@••.••• or •••@••.•••
WWW: http://junio18.8m.com