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Jan Slakov

Dear RN list,         Aug. 8

I nearly overlooked this message, but it is very pertinent...

I look forward to hearing from people as we let this news sink in...

all the best, Jan
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 12:33:31 -0700
From: "Candice Mitchell - General Manager" <•••@••.•••> (by way of
Connie Fogal <•••@••.•••>)
Subject: Y2K&MAI

Hello Connie,   
It was a pleasure chatting with you...Here are some interesting links that
definately point to a Global Free Trade Agreement  (MAI) being put in place
during Y2K disruptions.
This site is the Pentagon Think tank....have a look at who was and is involved
with the think-tank and the "M" curve.  When I first came across this site I
was blown away, so I called Dr. Thomas Barnett and had a lengthly conversation
with him regarding the info he was presenting.  I sent a copy of this site to
all the members of the House of Commons about 3 months ago
This is the official World Bank Y2K web-site, talks about the vulnerabilty of
developing nations and Y2K
The site below is interesting because it is based in Washington DC and the Head
of the Advisory Committee is Sen. Robert Bennett who is also the head of the US
Senate Committee on the Year 2000
This is the CIA map of the world and the Y2K risks
The United Nations Working Group, also discusses the vulnerability of
developing nations.
This is the state of California info site ....the matrix pretty well describes
what kind of disruptions may happen 
This statement is from the December 1998 Auditors General Report on the Year

20.117 Embedded systems and devices are emerging as a significant concern.
Numbering in the billions, they perform a vast range of duties serving many
domains such as science, engineering, manufacturing and health care. Experts
have estimated that only a small percentage of these micro processors are
date-sensitive. Even so, an estimated 20 million to 250 million could fail as a
result of the millennium bug.
I will have the Bio to you over the Weekend and  Y2Kit has been put in the mail
to your office.
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