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Subject: Re: cj#971> Thomas Kocherry: GLOBALISATION NEEDS A DEEPER

There needs to be a combined, democratic force that comes from both the
west and the rest. An either one or the other type resistance won't
work. I try to include mention of the global situation in every column I
write, also including the need for real democracy. A sample follows....

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Summer of Scam

Our warming planetary atmosphere is matched by  over-heated rhetoric
from our consciousness controllers. Hot weather  drains energy, and
brains as well. Mind managers  distract us from summer discomfort
with  tales  of success and prosperity, occasionally breaking for  media
orgies in celebration of celebrity death.

According to these sources, we have recently enjoyed, humanitarian
victory over  a powerless eastern European nation. Further,  trillions
of dollars of  funny-money  have been discovered  by  economic witch
doctors .  And we approach the  millennium with two richly financed
heirs fighting over the narrow political center in their race to  the
white house, with indications that the issue is decided,  though we
won't vote until next year.

Immorality and stupidity are a lethal combination. Nothing proves this
more than the  slaughter of innocents in  Europe, which has created a
human and environmental crisis still not fully understood. And the
forecasts of continued government surplus  are worth as much as  any
market prediction; It goes up, and then it  goes down. The notion of
eternal economic bonanza  involves zealous belief far more than  sound

Even with a  budget surplus, the  national debt still tops 5 trillion
dollars and soaks tax payers for more than 229 billion a year in
interest payments , most of that going to an  investor class which
somehow  got  money we printed  and loaned it back to us.

Still,  more people are employed and less are on welfare. But  there
isn't much of welfare left, and the working population is putting in
more hours in order to achieve less comfort .  Many who have left the
welfare rolls for employment are actually doing no better, having lost
health benefits in the move. And  more than 14 million Americans are
still living below the poverty line.

Of the vast working middle, most  are in debt, and that debt keeps
growing. In fact, it is responsible for the excessive life styles
enjoyed by the affluent  minority.  Those investors reap a fortune in
stock market profits created by the debtor class as it carries  the
burden of consumption and buys everything it cannot afford.

A system that demands analysis and for which none is supplied ,  is
creating even more global poverty. The world has added 200 million
people to its roster of poor, with the total number of impoverished
humans now  1.5 billion.  Meanwhile, market hucksters forecast bountiful
futures for all if we simply embrace the internet,  drive SUVs and
worship old, failed economics given a new , trendy name.

The current  economic picture  began to develop in the late 19th
century, when capitalism made its first acknowledged appearance on the
global stage. It has not changed in essence, but   simply moved from  a
form of mechanical  imperialism to one of electronic  globalization. The
early ravaging of industrial workers and colonial subjects  has not
ended; it has merely entered a new phase. Now  those people are   free
to operate as employee pawns on a global chessboard. The company store
has been replaced by the corporate bank;  the  plantation owner by the
foreign investor. The physical chains of  slavery and serfdom have been
converted to financial bondage that still means  peasantry,  poverty and
debt for most.

The U.S. debtor class  now owes as much  privately, through consumer
borrowing, as it  does publicly : more than 5 trillion dollars on each
side of the ledger. But government can print new money when it runs low;
individuals cannot. And the surplus discovered by our   book-jugglers is
a direct result  of  cutbacks in government  spending which have placed
new burdens on those already over-worked debtors.

Services once public have been turned back to private sources, with
attendant  propaganda teaching that individualism is good and government
is bad. Government has been an anti-democratic enemy of the people,
because it  has done the bidding of the  minority which runs it,  at the
expense of the majority which pays for it. But government haters want to
make it even less, not more  democratic.

And now that government wallets are  allegedly filled  with more
dollars, will they be  invested to upgrade public services for  that
majority? And in communities where poverty , unemployment and lack of
education insure destitution?

After seven years in office, the CEO of  America discovered that poor
people were  humans, and not just welfare chiselers.  On  a photo-op
tour of ghettos, he called for private investment to create jobs and the
good life.  But the communities deformed  by the casino economy need
an  infrastructure of social stability before they can truly gain  from
private investment.

Schools, housing and health care  need to be created , so people  can
become something more than  low wage workers who simply fill the tills
of capital , while being emptied of  personal values beyond buying more
and living less.

Over heated market rhetoric   matches a dangerously over heating planet,
with  environmental  problems  increasing. Summer weather has become
hotter over the decades, and the intensifying heat waves  seem to have
affected not only the earthly balance of nature, but the unearthly
balance of political power. Not to worry.  Corporate science tells us
that hot weather is  natural,  as is the noxious gas pouring out of
cars, factories and politicians during this season of  scams.

The Republicans have introduced terms like kinder, gentler and
compassionate into their lexicon, joining the Democrats  in honoring the
word at the expense of the deed. Both wings of the corporate  party have
always been especially kind, gentle and compassionate to their minority
financiers of the investor class. But it is the majority debtor class
who desperately need  representation,   before they and the earth
itself  become too hot  for any result  but  combustion.

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