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Jan Slakov

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Subject:       #1] "New World Order" & optimism around citizen & NGO activists 
Date:          Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:06:43

Dear John: 

I share your concern about the growing imperialism in the world 
today which some would call  "New World Order" and the " power of 
their  media machine." 

However I am not entirely pessimistic - because there are so many 
thousands of citizen's and NGO's molilizing across many fronts to 
attempt to stay  the growing corporatism and fascim of transnational 
corporations and their manservant governments and the international 
mafia of organizations such as  the World Trade Organization,  
IMF, World Bank, and NATO amongst others -which constitute the 
machinery of this "New World Order". 

Some of these other fronts in addition to the anti-war and peace 
movement that are being fought include  - the fight against the MAI 
which I was integrally involved in on the mai-not list which fought 
to prevent the signing of  an egregious 'multilateral agreement on 
investment'  which would have been the third pillar of the "global 
economy" following trade and finance.  The MAI was being drafted in 
more or less secret in the basement of the OECD in Paris when two 
Canadians Maude Barlow and Tony Clark  released it to the world. 
It was [ is] basically a treaty to entrench corporate rule ! 
However a massive mobilization of NGO's across all domains of 
interest  [some 700] and hundreds of citizens stopped the signing - 
there is growing analysis on how a " ragtag band  of internet 
activists" as the media portrayed the movement were involved in 
a new arean for global democracy - the internet.   The fight 
still goes on in other venues as the MAI's content keeps 
croppingup in bi-lateral agreements, the proposaed Free Trade 
Agreement of the Americas [FTAA] the recent America Africa Agreement 
which Jesse Jackson fought so ardently  to humanize and most notably 
the battle has shifted to the next round of the WTO coming up in 
Seattle- but there is a massive mobilization around that meeting as 
well!!  And within this movement against  globalization and 
its multifarous facets there  are  emerging alternative economic, 
political, environemntal, social  voices,  movements and policies as 

There has been and continues to be massive mobilization around 
genetically engineered food coming form Europe , the UK and India in 
particular as many on this list would well know- .  Although it seems 
an uphill battle where citizens must be constantly on the watch in an 
era where national governments and the new world economic governance 
organizations  have reneged on regulatory measures for the "common 
good" in exchange for efficiency, and profit while attmetpting to 
manufacture consent for many unproven attributions of GMO's etc. - in 
spite of that and the recalcitrance of governments to any longer 
"govern" for the common good-  the citizen in their new role as 
citizen consumer  seems to be making a difference if not in 
convincing  their anti-democratic governments then directly in the 
marketplace where distributors and foodchains are taking a second 
look at what consumers want and don't want  --  hence assisting  a 
few gains recenlty in this major incursion of the  "new world order" 
Following on that an  advertising standards association yesterday 
upheld 9 of 14 complaints against the veracity of the advertising of 
Monsanto- and Monsanto released a major apology.

 And likewise another  battle of the "new world - bigger is better 
-order"  is also being played out in India just as the "Quit India"  
Monsanto campaign is raging  so also are citizens and women in 
particular mobilizing in the Narmada Valley - against  "Big Dams " 
displacing traditional lifestyle of tribal and peasant peoples 
without considering the full costs and manifest past failures of such 
structures. As Arundhati Roy - the tireless campaigner  in that 
struggle among others including the anti-nuclear one as well has 
recently stated:

" We have to fight specific wars in specific ways. Who knows, perhaps
that's what the twenty-first century has in store for us. The
dismantling of the Big.   Big bombs, big dams, big ideologies, big
contradictions, big countries, big wars, big heroes, big mistakes.
Perhaps it will be the Century of the Small."

FRONTLINE, Volume 16 - Issue 11, May. 22 - June 04, 1999

And there is the fight against TNC pharmaceutical solutions to world 
poverty and population control which usurps women's reproductive 
rights and  the proven and promised but reneged upon role of 
education and health programs for women in engendering meaningful 
development in underdeveloped communities and regions - a battle 
being courageously waged  by a  small but articulate and empowered  
band of  international feminists.  

And then the fight against the unethical and unsustainable and 
unthinkable actions of  NATO in Europe - - the new global cop 
of the new world order and the concern you speak of but again I don't 
dispair entirely for we have seen some significant mobilization 
around that issue and the fall out of the War in the Balkans is not 
over yet!! 

Re NATO and the "New World Order". Hear ye what Tony Blair sayeth: 

Speaking in the US and applauded by American Hawks ---
Blair insisted that all national governments must be encouraged to
abide by the dictates of the world market--as laid down by the
international Monetary Fund and the World Bank--and allow the
penetration of their economies by the transnational corporations in
the name of "transparency" and "openness".

Globalisation is not just an economic, "but also a political and
security phenomenon," he insisted. The dependence of national
economies on the performance of world stock markets means that "We are
witnessing the beginnings of a new doctrine of international
community." This required that all the institutions established at the
end of the Second World War to regulate relations between nations be
overhauled--particularly the respective functions of the United
Nations and NATO.

Blair explicitly linked the question of financial Interdependence with
the military policy to be pursued by the major imperialist powers. 

[From the WSWS circa early June  - sorry don't haven't the  exact 
reference date and URL at hand.]  

And on and on - the battles against the "new world order 
continue with their modest successes against what seems to 
constitute insurmountable odds.  

But what I  started out to do is to agree with you on the power of 
the media in perpetrating the "New World Order" and to forward to you 
and the list two articles on "globalization" which provide 
comprehensive and insightful  analyses of this phenomenon of 
"Globalization" each with a reference to the petinent role of the 
media machine of the " New World Order" and   both articles  which 
also offer hope through the very awarenss,  action and mobilization 
we have been considering above!!

I am forwarding the two articles separately because of their length. 

Fwd #2 ]  Susan George's paper delivered at the 
BANGKOK, 24-26 MARCH 1999

Fwd #3  Edward Henman's 

".... while globalization may sometimes yield economic benefits, both
the process and economic-political regime it is helping bring about
threaten progressive ends, and should be recognized as such and fought
at every level."

    ----Edward S. Herman, Professor Emeritus of Finance, Wharton 
         School, University of Pennsylvania

all the very best,
janet eaton