Richard Moore

Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce that an entirely new draft of my long-awaited book
is now online!   (:>)

I wanted to get it out there before Seattle, in case it might be of some
use to those who will be strategizing there.

It can be found at:

The table of contents is below.

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed suggestions or criticisms.
Both have been equally valuable in developing the material and the



                       The Revolutionary Imperative:
                             from Global Crisis
                         to Democratic Renaissance

                     a book in progress - 43,000 words
         Copyright © 1999 by Richard K. Moore. All rights reserved.
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Table of Contents

Epilogue - An insane world on the brink of collapse

Part 1 - Elites, capitalism, and global tyranny

     1. The crisis of globalization
     2. Pax Americana and the postwar revolution
     3. Strategic planning and the elite corporate regime
     4. The neoliberal revolution & The Crisis of Democracy
     5. The Maastricht Treaty - neoliberalism by other means
     6. The New World Order & The Clash of Civilizations
     7. Propaganda and divide-and-rule social control
     8. The capitalist end game

Part 2 - Ordinary people and democratic renaissance

     9. The revolutionary imperative
     10. The prospects of success and the dynamics of revolution
     11. Models of democracy
     12. Democracy & revolution - the ends are the means
     13. Establishing a livable world - a revolutionary agenda
     14. System stability and decentralized world order
     15. Sustainable, self-governing societies

Prolog - Taking the first steps to a sane world