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Richard Moore

From: "Brian Hill" <•••@••.•••>
To: <•••@••.•••>, "Bill W" <•••@••.•••>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 20:36:01 -0800


This is a killer article.  How about it we make it into a petition for
the people of the world (?) to come to consensus as to the legitimacy
of the WTO?  I have it ready to send out on my list - say yes and its


My close friend Bill Weinberg will have a Pacifica Radio show on the
WTO the 30th, WBAI from NYC, also on the internet.  It will be a live
call-in show from the WTO in Seattle, and many of us will be calling
in.  Might be good for you to email re-this petition, or at least you
can hear live from Seattle some of us who will be in the streets.
Phone for WBAI - the Pacifica station - is 212-209-2900, and people
should call a little before 9:30 pm Pacific coast time and just stay
on the line until Bill answers, or email.  Time to seize the time!



Dear Brian,

Often people write to me saying "Why don't you forward your posting to such
& such a place", or "Why don't you do such and such with it".  And usually,
they don't say, as you did, "say yes and its gone."

To everyone I say "GO FOR IT!"  I always include in my posting signature:

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Don't wait for me or Jan, JUST DO IT.  We are kept plenty busy just getting
things posted (along with the rest of our lives) - our wonderful
subscribers can take it from there!   (If you let us know where you send
stuff, from time to time, that is appreciated.)

As regards "sponsoring a petition", I don't personally want to be involved
in that.  Use my name as the re-publisher of the material, but not as a
"requestor for signatures".  I don't want tons of "signatures" coming back
to my email address!  Those who know how to manage that kind of thing can
handle it!

And Brian - the very best of luck to you in Seattle!!!

your friend,

BTW>  I agree it's a killer article, and many thanks to Snezana Vitorovich
for sending it in.  She regularly sends useful things, especially as
regards Kosovo & Yugoslavia - anyone interested might write to her and get
added to her list.  We get _many more things sent in than we can possibly


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