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Richard Moore

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Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 15:01:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Fwd/StoptheWTO: Call for Support for WTO protestors
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  *** Please forward to anyone else you think would be interested. ***

Below is a call for solidarity and for an International Day
of Action on Saturday, December 4 to support the activists
who have faced police repression in Seattle to protest the
World Trade Organization and corporate globalization that
allows corporate interests to override democracy and the
public interest.

Please join in support of the protesters for democracy, and
please pass this on to any organizations or individuals you
know of who would be interested.

Thank you,

Ron Rowe -- Chair, Citizens' Alliance of Santa Barbara
 (Santa Barbara Alliance for Democracy)
P.O. Box 719
Moorpark, CA 93020-0719
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Subj: Call for Emergency Actions to Support WTO protestors

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Our Resistance is more International than Capital

The World Trade Organization, an international ruling body
promoting corporate power over people and ecosystems, has
been attempting to hold its  third ministerial meeting in
Seattle, USA from November 29- December 3, 1999.

For the past three days, activists from all over the world
have been attacked with violent police opposition during
their display of resistance to the WTO.  Included in the
weapons used against them have been tear gas, pepper spray,
rubber bullets, concussion grenades, and clubs.  A National
State of Emergency has been called with a 7 p.m. curfew
every night and martial law has been imposed.  Activists and
bystanders alike are being stopped and searched randomly by
the Seattle Police and the National Guard.  It is now
illegal for any "citizen" to posses a gas mask and people
with communication radios or medical supplies are being
targeted for arrest.  On the International Day of Action,
November 30, fifty thousand people were in Seattle to shut
down the WTO.  Using many direct action techniques,
activists ground the city to a halt, forcing the WTO to
cancel their opening ceremony and postpone their meetings.

This is no longer just about the WTO- This is about the
repressive nature of capitalism and the necessary resistance
to it. This is about creating a new society, it's about a
world based on freedom and autonomy. It's about a world free
of discrimination and violence. The means to which the
government will go to squash dissent has been blatantly
shown to a new generation of activists in Seattle and
audiences watching around the world.  Over 500 people have
been arrested, many of them refusing to get off the buses
they are being held in.  Pre-determined acts of jail
solidarity have been incredibly effective in jamming the
jails, and have shown us what we can accomplish when we work
together to create unity and solidarity.  These past few
days have taken quite a toll on the activists.  Despite the
violence used against them, the activists are staying

We need your support.  We are calling for an international
day of action on Saturday, December 4, 1999 in support of
the activists in Seattle and in celebration of resistance.
You can't imagine what it means to us here in Seattle to
know that people are behind us. Hearing about actions
happening against the WTO in other parts of the world will
give the activists here in Seattle the strength to keep
fighting. We need you.

Send messages of solidarity to:
or fax (206) 632 9486

Please write letters to the Mayor of Seattle and Seattle
Police Chief demanding their resignation and expressing your
outrage at the use of chemical weapons and rubber bullets on
protesters and demanding the immediate release of all jailed

Mayor Paul E. Schell                 Chief Norm Stamper
600 4th  12th  floor                 610 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA  98104  USA              Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 684-4000                       (206) 684-5577
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FAX: (206) 684-5360                  FAX: (206) 684-5525


Richard K Moore
Wexford, Irleand
Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance

                Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
                committed citizens can change the world,
                indeed it's the only thing that ever has.
                        - Margaret Mead