Arundhati Roy arrested!


Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

Perhaps some of you will remember my posting of 15/08/99 "More on India's
anti-globalization work". In it were excerpts from a text by Indian novelist
Arundhati Roy, who has contributed to the moving struggle to protect the
Narmada River Valley and its people.

In the message below we find out she has been arrestedimprisoned by Indian
authorities for her actions. I'm hoping the Indian government will be
surprised by the number of people outside of India who care about Arundhati
Roy and the cause of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA)!

Addresses for US activists follow in the second part of the message below. 

all the best, Jan.
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Subject: RE: Arundhati Roy
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 12:42:15 -0500

        Hello friends,

        The High Commission for the Republic of India is at:

        10 Springfield Rd.
        Ottawa, ON   K1M 1C9
        Phone: (613) 744-3751
        Fax: (613) 744-0913

        Hope this is of some assistance.

        Éric Hébert
        Svend Robinson's Assistant

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> Friends, This is from the international abolition listserver and is
> written by Cora Weiss, President of the Hague Appeal for Peace.  Could
> someone in Ottawa kindly check under Embassies in the yellow pages and
> provide the address for India's?  Thanks in advance.
> Bev
> Cora Weiss wrote:
> Dear friends,
> India has arrested Arundhati Roy for supporting poor people whose homes
> and lands are threatened with inundation and they with forcible removal,
> in order to build huge dams. I do love the windmills on the hill behind
> Lawrence Livermore Lab!
> Arundhati deserves all our support. She is a world asset. Her essay,
> "End of Imagination",  has helped build the movement against anything
> nuclear. Could you take one minute, to call, write, e mail, fax, the
> Indian Mission to the UN, the Embassy, or any local consulate in or near
>  your city.  Arundhati was a star at the Hague Appeal for Peace
> conference in May. She recently completed a speaking/reading tour here
> to promote her new book.
> Thank you for  caring and for your minute to protest her arrest and
> support her work.
> Cora Weiss
> H.E. Mr. Kamalesh Sharma
> Ambassador and Permanent Representative
> Mission of India to the UN
> 235 E 43 St
> NYC, NY 10017
> tel 212 490 9660
> fax 212 490 9656
> e) •••@••.•••
> HE Mr. Naresh Chandra
> Ambassador
> Indian Embassy
> tel: 202 939 7000
> fax 202 939 7027
> Consulates are listed in  telephone directories and may be found in
> Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and elsewhere.