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Richard Moore


I've uploaded to our website the version of "Globalization & the
Revolutionary Imperative" that was sent to Socialist Review:

I'd like to get this advertised around as much as possible, so please
mention it to the various lists you participate in.  The title / TOC
portion is below.

all the best,



                                  and the
                          Revolutionary Imperative

                            from Global Tyranny
                         to Democratic Renaissance

           Copyright © 2000 Richard K. Moore, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

                   Intended for: Socialist Review Journal
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             Online at the CDR website: http://cyberjournal.org
                              14 January 2000
                                 1100 words


Table Of Contents

Prolog: The crisis of globalization

1. Pax Americana and the postwar corporate regime
2. The neoliberal revolution & The Crisis of Democracy
3. The New World Order & The Clash of Civilizations
4. The revolutionary imperative

Epilogue: Toward a Democratic Renaissance