cj#1063> greetings from rkm


Richard Moore

2/12/2000, Jan Slakov wrote:
  >Dear Richard,
  >I hope things are going well for you... haven't heard much of late...

Dear friends,

Sorry to be so out of touch....  I've been working in
downtown San Francisco most days.  It's great to get some
much-needed contracting underway, but all my energy goes
into work & commuting.  Once back in Ireland, I hope to
integrate part-time work with the rest of life more

This weekend is the OWC (Open World
Conference), for which I delayed my return.  There is a lot
of 'post Seattle' energy there, and I'd like to understand
better what that means and where it's going.
Hope to have more to say about OWC later.  Brian Hill & Dave
Lewitt are both there (and have been regular contributors to
our lists).

Wednesday I went to Davis and talked to Dan Brook's class on Social
Movements.  It sort of went OK... got through my outline, there was
discussion, but at the end I realized how totally different speaking
is from writing.  Practice is needed.