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From: "Janet M Eaton" <•••@••.•••>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 10:28:40 +0000
Subject: Militarism - Globalization Website -Excellent Resources 

Dear All:

I have downloaded the content of the following website 

Website of the International Network on Disarmament and 
Globalization, BC, Canada

for e-mail distribution  to provide greater access to an excellent 
resource on the link between globalization, corporations and 
militarism.  I am on their mailing list moderated by Steven Staples 
and occassionally cross posts things to mai-not and other listservs 
from amongst their many valuable postings I receive.   As an activist 
and educator, I believe that this kind of information documenting the 
insideous link between globalization, corporations and militarism 
should be widely shared and read by  all who care about a democratic 
world and resisting economic globalization adrift as it is from 
political and humanizing influence. . 

This is a very concise website with five short pages  making 
clear the relationship between globalization, corporations, and 
militarism through  brief  but insightful defintions + links to 
over 30 articles, facts sheets, reports etc. 

1]  The International Network on        
Disarmament and Globalization 
2] Globalization
3] Corporations 
4] Militarism
5] What you can do +
Links to  numerous selected postings from 1999 

All the best,
Janet M. Eaton

Website of the International Network on Disarmament and 
Globalization, BC, Canada

1]                           About Us 

                              In May 1999, thousands of people from
                              around the world came together in the
                              Hague to create a plan to ensure that
                              the next century is more peaceful than
                              the last. The International Network on
                              Disarmament and Globalization was formed
                              to address how globalization undermines

                              You are invited to join this growing
                              network of concerned individuals which
                              shares information and promotes greater
                              awareness of the relationship between
                              globalization and militarism and which
                              opposes international trade and
                              financial institutions (like the World
                              Trade Organization and the IMF) which do
                              not promote peace and disarmament.


2]  Globalization

                              Globalization is creating a new global
                              economy that favours the interests of
                              business and the free market over
                              governments and social programs. Too
                              often, human rights are ignored, the
                              environment is degraded, and social
                              inequality is increased in the pursuit
                              of greater profits.

                              Governments must retain their ability to
                              control the economy and ensure that
                              resources are used for the common good.
                              Social programs such as public
                              education, health care, and
                              environmental protection are vital in
                              promoting peace and social justice.


3]                               Corporations

                              Globalization has created huge
                              transnational corporations able to move
                              resources, manufacturing, and profits
                              anywhere in the world. Expanding and
                              merging, these corporations are nearly
                              countries in themselves, economically
                              dwarfing most nations of the world. 

                              The enormous size and power of
                              corporations pose a direct challenge to
                              democracy and peace. Democracy promotes
                              stability and engenders policies that
                              promote peace and development. The will
                              of the people must take precedence over
                              the demands of business. 


4]                               Militarism

                              The new global economy requires
                              overwhelming military force to wield its
                              power and protect its wealth. Billions
                              and billions of dollars are spent by
                              industrially advanced countries on
                              militaries armed with deadly weapons D
                              from powerful nuclear bombs to precise
                              cruise missiles.

                              But there is a better way. Corporations
                              can be controlled, and the resources
                              squandered on militaries can be used to
                              eradicate illiteracy, disease, and
                              hunger. Just societies can be created if
                              governments follow the will of the
                              people and ensure that their economies
                              provide benefits to everyone.


5] What You Can Do 

*  Join the e-mail list and receive bulletins and articles            
*  Receive articles,  fact sheets and reports              
*  Attend workshops and other special events                          
* Join the network            
                                   The International Network on
                                   Disarmament & Globalization 405 -
                                   825 Granville Street Vancouver,
                                   British Columbia V6Z 1K9 Canada T
                                   (604) 687-3223 F (604) 687-3277

                              The [mil-corp] e-mail discussion list.
                              The list is moderated by Steven Staples,
                              and members receive 6-8 messages per
                              week. To join, send a message to
                              •••@••.•••:  [or see signature file 
                                at bottom of this e-mail ]

5] Continued 
Also contains following list of publications which are 
accessible by clicking on the link provided  
1999 selected postings: 

                                   Lockheed Martin and British Atomic
                                   Weapons Establishment 

                                   Boeing-BAE Systems alliance could
                                   create $70 billion global weapons

                                   More on record-breaking US
                                   aerospace and defence sales 

                                   Report on forum, The WTO and the
                                   Global War System 

                                   Corporate Soldiers The U.S.
                                   Government Privatizes the Use of

                                   Lockheed Martin successfully tests
                                   Trident II D5 nuclear missile 

                                   The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Costly
                                   Legacy of the Cold War 

                                   McDonnell Douglas indicted for
                                   machine tools sold to China 

                                   More on global surveillance 

                                   Corporate players in Ballistic
                                   Missile Defence 

                                   Dual use exports have spread
                                   weapons technology 

                                   APEC, East Timor and the New Asian

                                   Corruption in South Africa's arms

                                   CIA turning attention to trade wars

                                   More on UN and links with

                                   Oscar Arias' Speech to State of the
                                   World Forum 

                                   UN calls for Global Compact with
                                   weapons corporations 

                                   Privatizing the military - Janes 

                                   Canada's Industrial Policy under
                                   WTO's Gun 

                                   US used military satellites for
                                   corporate espionage 

                                   NAFTA for Military Proposed 

                                   Pentagon sees US-European defence
                                   mergers as inevitable 

                                   China and World Trade Organization 

                                   UN and International Chamber of
                                   Commerce forge Global Compact 

                                   Talisman energizes Sudan 'genocide
                                   say protestors 

                                   Count Corporate America among
                                   NATO's Staunchest Allies 

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                              Articles, fact sheets and reports on
                              militarism and globalization: 

                              Fact sheets: 

                                   Aerospace and Defence: Prestige,
                                   Profit, and Power 

                                   Canada's Aerospace & Defence

                                   The Aerospace Industries
                                   Association of Canada 

                                   Aerospace and Defence: The Future
                                   is Civil 

                                   The WTO and War: Making the

                              From Peacewire. Fact sheets are pdf
                              files and require Acrobat Reader. 


                                   A Corporation's War in Sudan by
                                   Steven Staples. March 1999 from


                                   Protecting War: Militarism and the
                                   Multilateral Agreement on
                                   Investment (MAI) by Steven Staples.
                                   September 1998 from Peacewire. 

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