rn: Introducing Veterans for Peace (& NWO)


Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

Annother reply Richard received re: his "NWO and what to do about it"
article came from Paul Brailsford, president of the Samantha Smith chapter
of Veterans for Peace.

As Paul explains below, he feels our tax dollars are being used to train
soldiers to become enforcers of US corporate policy. Like Paul, I think not
only must quasi-global governing bodies like the WTO and the IMF be exposed
for what they are, our militaries must be exposed as well. When I try to
explain to non-activists how I see our military, I sometimes say it is as if
it had been hijacked by big business. (Most people tend to see our military
as a kind of sacred cow that protects our rights and freedoms, when in truth
it is often used to cut down the very people who defending democracy.)

I asked Paul who Samantha Smith is (that his chapter of Veterans for Peace
is named after). I'll copy his reply (as well as his message to Richard) below.

all the best, Jan

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply. When I formed the Ipswich  chapter of Veterans for
Peace,  I named after Samantha  because I like to think her letter to USSR
questioning why they wanted to make nuclear war, began the peace process.
She was followed by  the Iron Lady Thatcher who arranged the Iceland Summit.

VFP  will be demonstrating  on Wd March 15th outside the Holiday Inn  in
Taunton MA, where Drug Czar Barry McCaffey is to speak on his dastardly
plan to send 1,600 million dollars to  reinforce Columbia's military, by
getting them to subsidize our Military Industrial Complex greed for ways to
get at our tax dollars.
Consumer taxpayers  dollars would be better spent  to have the British
Echelon  Terrorist Monitoring System check the electronic mail and telephone
services.of the greedy few who organize for huge profits the distribution of
drugs to Americans.  Echelan could easily trace the money flow and target
the banks that are laundering the money to finance  the trade.

Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if they use it to buy an interest in our
privatized prison system, that's overflowing with the small dealers they

Paul Brailsford. Retired N.Z. shipmaster

From: "Paul Brailsford" <•••@••.•••>
To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Fw: RKMoore on corporatism and a winning democratic process
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 11:55:43 -0500

Hi Richard,

I  received an e mail copy of The New World Order and What To Do About  last

It  synchronizes with the wave of information I  surf .in. Might suggest you
look into the campaign of Father Roy Bourgeois to close The School of
Americas  (SOA) in Fort Benning Georgia.. My group Veterans For Peace
support  his campaign to stop the use of our tax dollars to train Latin
American soldiers in Low Intensity Warfare, because when the get back to C.A
...they become the enforcers of  US Corporate Policy. .

No doubt many of them will already be in Columbia S.A, where I'm sure they
continue to be known as graduates of the School of Assassins.

Paul Brailsford, Samantha Smith Chapter Veterans For Peace.
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                SAMANTHA SMITH CHAPTER #45 VFP
           c/o 12 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich, MA 01938
               Tel: (508) 356-7671 Fax: 356-7914
                 e-mail •••@••.•••

                    Press Release       12/10/98

Saturday November 22nd 1998 was the nineth anniversary of
the massacres of six Jesuit priests and two women co workers
in El Salvador.  It was an  appropriate time for more than
7000 persons from all over the  USA, to protest outside the
main gate Fort Benning, Georgia.  We came to remember them
and call on President Clinton to close down The School of
Americas, and stop training soldiers in Low Intensity Warfare
( Murder)

We listened to Jesuit, and Maryknoll priests, and other
eloquent speakers who had witnessed political murders and
massacres carried out by Central American soldiers trained
here.  Soldiers who once they had returned to the pseudo
democracies known generally as the "Banana Republics," became
the private army of wealthy land owners, who favored the use
of Low Intensity Warfare to further the hegemony of Trans
National Agriculture corporations to whom they were beholden.

Priests became their targets becuse they taught Liberation
Theology to peasants working in their coffee and banana
plantations, when the peasants they taught began asking for
better working conditions and a living wage.  The church
became the enemy of corporations, whose charters obliged them
to use every means at their disposal to keep wages low, so
their shareholders would continue enjoy the highest possible
rate of return on their investment.

In the interest of greed, churches and schools mysteriously
caught fire, and peasant families were terrorized. When
their men took up arms to protect their families, they found
themselves demonized, and targeted as communist sympathizers.
When they retreated to the mountains to fight back, the
western media called the guerrilla's.

On Sunday sixty Veterans for Peace walked from their Motel to
join the thousands of protesters arriving in motor coaches.
During the morning we prayfully sang songs together as we
remembered the fallen. I joined some two thousand activists
assembled near the main gate ready to become part of a
funeral procession carrying crosses and coffins on to the
base. At eleven in the morning the base commander got on the
bull horn to warn us we would be subject to arrest if entered
the grounds of Fort Benning. As he spoke army buses drove
between our lines. He asked us to get aboard these buses and
take part in a debate about the SOA. They waited invain.

At Noon those who were risking arrest for the Second time
lead a solemn procession on to the base carrying coffins on
their shoulders. They were followed by some 2200 persons
carrying crosses bearing the names of SOA victims. As each
row of four entered the base. As the names on the crosses
they held was were called out our public address sysytem.
7000 activist's voices thundered " Presente". ( here
in Spanish.)

Since I had attended disobedicence training on Saturday , I
wore a yellow arm band and walked alongside the cross bearers
prepared to deal with any untoward event.

>From the front of the line it was a moving experience to look
back and see crosses extending back as far as the eye could
see, and notice the leaves in the trees nod with approval
with each "Presente." Eventually we found ourselves confined
between lines of buses drawn up on either side of the road.
At the end of this chasm of vehicles a cordon of Military
police blocked our way.

Martin Sheehan was just ahead of me. When they wouldn't let
him pass he knelt down and began to pray " Our Father ...
Police took him by the shoulders and lifted him bodily off
his kness and dragged into the first bus. It took about half
an hour to fill all 26 buses.  After I got seated I lowered
the window and realized there was no escape. I looked across
the road to see others coming to the same conclusion. This
made me aware how General Pinochet fascist prisoners felt
before they were carted off to an unknown fate!

Once the buses started their engines we expected to be taken
to the main base for processing. Instead we became aware they
were taking us off base, to an unknown destination? It turned
out to be a nearby football stadium.  After a while a
military officer opened the door and told us we were free to
leave. He didn't bother to take our names, just handed us a
piece paper as left, that warned us we would be arrested if
we tresspassed again at Fort Benning.  Soon 26 buses loads of
gung ho activists re-assembled and began chanting as
they marched back to the main gate some 2 miles away.

As for me, since I had an evening flight to Boston, I called
a taxi to take me to my car at the main gate, so I could pick
up my rental car and drive back to Atlanta to pick up the
evening flight I would have missed, had I been arrested.

While I didn't expect to be thrown in prison for my first
offense, It was disappointing that the military was able to
divert media attention by not having to process 2319

Hopefully, our Congressmen and Senators will recognize
we are committed to Jos. Kennedy's bill to close this SCHOOL
OF ASSASSINS, because right now recently trained SOA Mexican
officers, lead 100,000 troops equipped with US made weapons,
and helicopters in a Low Intensity Warfare operation against
poor indigenius Mayan peasants in the province of Chiapos ...
ostensibly to counter a non existant drug trade.

Some thirty journalist trying to cover this operation have
lost their lives? I am inspired by women like Jennifer and
the young girl Samantha Smith, who showed the world how the
love of one person for another can overcome evil ... just
like the Jesuits tried to do seven years ago?

Paul Brailsford. Pres.Samantha Smith Chapter of V.F.P.