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I would like to respond to Michael and Richard on this important issue.

I see our challenge as also reaching out beyond activist circles, a
crucial step if we are to achieve the "critical mass" of a mass movement
needed to break the stranglehold you speak of.

Each activist has a network of family, friends, co-workers, etc. who are
NOT in the movement.  We can supply them with audio tapes, short
articles, references to alternative radio stations where available, and
speak out at Toastmasters meetings on topics of concern.

I started a new kind of Toastmasters club about nine years ago which
helps to cross-pollinate good activist/environmental ideas as well as
introduce these ideas to newcomers.  This club has maintained itself and
gained momentum over the years.  You as activists can attend existing
clubs and speak out, or start another such "activist" club, inviting
members of activist and environmental groups to get involved, improve
their public speaking skills, and learn more how to create the synergy
needed to have a positive effect.

I agree that Globalization is a flash point around which to organize, as
some momentum has already been achieved, but I also see that Democracy
can be another such organizing principle, as it has the emotional appeal
instilled by our culture (and here we can capitalize on the
disinformation put out by the mass media to our advantage, even though
the kind of "democracy" they are trying to export and sell to us is far
from what we have in mind).

I realize that many Marxist analysts would reject democracy and want a
brand-new system, and I agree that a new system is needed, but I also
feel we have to take reasonable steps, and just trying to gain and
maintain some semblance of true democracy would be a great first step
while we and those coming after us figure out how to go the next step
with a better system.

Let's also think of putting out cj list out to more people outside our
circle, and have them read Richard's analysis.

Diana Jewell
North Vancouver Activist

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> rkm had written:
>         My belief is that if we cannot achieve democracy then other
>         reforms are ephemeral, and if we do achieve democracy then
>         our economic and other policies will be worked out through
>         the democratic process.

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