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It seems to me that the abortion issue is a real grass roots issue.
We need to settle it amongst ourselves.  It might take a while, just
like it does for communities to understand what their forests need to
be healthy, but once the reality - not the propaganda - of abortions
is clearly dealt with by all concerned (grass roots) conensus will
emerge.  There still may be separate camps, but each should respect
the other.

BE Smith, for example, dropped out of the system because he found out
some of his tax money was being used for abortions.  I have helped
women abort with herbs and with abortion clinics in Mexio.  BE and I
are partners and respect each other's differences.  We can work
closely together even though we understand abortion differently.  I'm
willing to bet that we'd be right in the middle of the grass roots
abortion discussion.  As long as we don't let a corrupt hierarchy into
the picture, I am confident the grass roots left and the grass roots
right can work as closely as BE and I.

I think both BE and I look forward to the day when we can calmly sit
down - maybe in the backcountry on Mary Blaine - and talk about
abortion for a long time, but with him in prison for standing up for
215 and us committed to shutting down the two party conventions, lets
agree to respect these differences and unite to do what we gotta do
and can do only with the strength of unity.  Hopefully there can be a
few of us on Mary Blaine for a few days to talk about this stuff, and
we'll have time to relax.

At the UN CSD meetings there was a brilliant panel hosted by Third
World Network director Martin Khor (the number one Third World
Economist/activist in my opinion) an incredibly intelligent women
physicist and a lot of other things told us that physics has begun to
realize that nature is based on reciprocal relationships not
competitive ones, so the old survival of the fittest bullshit is
finally out the window.  Einstein resolved the contradiction between
time and matter by showing how it is all energy, and Capra has coined
the term paradigm shift instead of using the well understood
anthropological term, world view.  He has also noted, most recently,
that the RELATIONSHIPS of matter to each other is more important than
the matter itself in his current book, and now the latest physics is
telling us that harmony and reciprocity is where its at.  This means
we will, somewhere down the line, adopt a reciprocal, rather than,
competitive world view.  How long it takes will depend on the
intensity of social change.  Those who became psychodelically literate
during and following the 60s already have a start on this process.
And the revitalization of tribal cultures is another manifestation of
this most recent pendulum swing.  But most of all Seattle, DC and
RNC/DNC could catalyze the quantum cultural leap into existentialism.
I'll try to get a copy of the talk.

So, Tracy, if you say something divisive, now, in order to be in the
flow of things, you must also say something reciprocal in order to
maintain the new balance.

Que te duermes con las angelitas,


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Date: Thursday, April 27, 2000 13:00
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i'm with you almost all the way. but i must admit i'm very
nervous about abortions become illegal once again in this country.


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