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Jan Slakov

Dear Renaissance network,

I'm leaving on the 3rd for a trip to central Canada so today's postings will
likely be the last from me until about June 18.

Spring here in Nova Scotia is so heart-breakingly beautiful. Frog choruses
through the night, especially if it's raining, birds singing to greet the
dawn and through the day, scents of lilac, lily-of-the-valley, trees in
blossom when you walk through town or through the woods...

Of course, we know all this is threatened. Threatened most immediately by
"sprawl" in one form or another, and a mentality that sees nature as the
"away" that we throw our garbage to. But threatened most definitively by
what the future likely holds for us (cf. the next posting with predictions
from Maurice Strong).

So, these are kind of heart-breaking times, yes, but also exciting times,
for I feel more and more connected to activists, local and far away, and it
feels like we are actually builinding something good. 

I remember at the workshop/retreat our Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance
group organized in nearby Bear River in 1998, one of the participants, Bruna
Nota, explained how we need to learn to see ourselves as part of a movement,
so we can see that even though our own personal actions are truly just a
drop in the bucket, the bucket of all our actions is filling up! In other
words, when we are able to truly appreciate the contributions of others, and
get the occasional glimpse of how sometimes our work is helped along by
delightful incidents of synchronicity or good luck, we can feel empowered to
keep going... and maybe even do more than that.... 

Anyhow, here is to not fore-judging the future, and to continuing to weave
our web of resistance and resilience.

all the best, Jan
Creo que el mundo es bello, 
que la poesía es como el pan, 
de todos. 

(I believe the world is beautiful
and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone)

Roque Dalton

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