rn: Labor, Nader: It is not time to give up!


Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

My heartfelt thanks to Bill Blum for sending me this update. (As you might
imagine, I am not too clued in to waht is going on in the US up here in the
woods of Nova Scotia.)

all the best, Jan
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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 15:24:53 EDT
Subject: Re: rn: Why We Are Here (poem & post-Seattle context)

Hi Jan,

<< I gather that in Washington, somehow the labor part of the
 alliance was missing. And too many people are neglecting their opportunity
 to vote for a presidential candidate of truly high calibre, Ralph Nader. I'm
 not sure why; I'm not sure how to work to rememdy this, but maybe getting
 this message out to you can help.  >>
Labor leaders were prominent speakers at rallies in Washington, but perhaps 
you're referring to an identified labor presence in the streets.  You may be 
right about that.  As to Nader, it's much too soon to be speaking about 
people not voting for him.  His campaign has just begun and from all accounts 
it's going to do very well.  The Washington Post just did a long article 
about him that shows they're taking him seriously; no small accomplishment.  
And the polls are very encouraging and can only get better as he continues to 
Bill Blum