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Subject: A letter to the editor of the 
New York Times re. “Mr. Nader’s Misguided Crusade ” (June 30 editorial)

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June 30, 2000

A Distracting Time for The Times

Letters Editor The New York Times New York, NY

Subject: A letter to the editor re. “Mr. Nader’s Misguided Crusade ” - your 
June 30, 2000 editorial

Dear Sir,

I wish to thank you for finally dropping your “liberal” mask.  Now all of 
your readers see that when the New York Times editors preach “democracy,” 
they actually mean “plutocracy.”  That the Times’ “liberal” idea is not all 
that different from that of any communist dictator who also offered his 
people a choice - a red or a crimson star.  Or a bayonette in the rib cage.

In your June 30 editorial “Mr. Nader’s Misguided Crusade,” you say that, 
“Ralph Nader's… running for president… will distract voters from the 
clear-cut choice represented by the major party candidates, Vice President 
Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush.”

Really?  A “clear-cut choice” - between a red and a crimson globalist stooge?

Besides, what’s wrong with Nader pulling votes from Bush, if “W” is really 
all that different from the Times’ favorite candidate - Gore?   After all 
that’s how Clinton got elected - twice (!) - even though he never came close 
to getting 50% of the vote.  I don’t recall the Times decrying Ross Perot’s 
“spoiler” role in 1992 and 1996 when your favorite “liberal” candidate 
benefited from Perot’s pulling votes away from George Bush, Sr.

On the other hand, giving American people REAL choices beyond those dished 
out by the plutocratic “demo farce” is troubling you?  Because they might 
“distract voters?”  Distract from what?  From being dumbed-down by the 
Times’ editorials?

But what seems to be really troubling the Times is that not one, but two 
“spoiler candidates” may keep “distracting voters” in this election.

“We are equally reluctant to see the main election choices clouded by the 
spoiler candidacy of Patrick Buchanan on the Reform Party ticket, an effort 
that seems likely to pull votes from both Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush. …There is 
no driving logic for a third-party candidacy this year, and the public 
deserves to see the major party candidates compete on an uncluttered playing 
field,” the Times keeps railing.

“Uncluttered playing field?”  So that “Rocky’s Rockettes” may rock no matter 
what the American people think?  After all, there is no discernible 
difference between Algore and Dubya.

And then, finally, the terrifying moment of truth; the moment the Times 
editors’ “liberal” masks fell to the ground… “The only realistic role he 
(Nader) can play this year is to tilt swing states like California in a 
conservative direction.”

So that’s what’s troubling you about Nader?  That he may be helping the 
“conservatives?”  Tisk, tisk… Lest you’ve forgotten, “demo” stands for 
“people.”  And “democracy” stands for the rule of the people.  Which 
contrasts the New York Times editors’ wishful “demo farce” played out “on an 
uncluttered playing field.”

This may come as a surprise to the Times, but this nation was not born at a 
Hollywood cocktail party.  It was born at a Boston Tea Party to which no 
film-makers or bankers were invited.  After all, the latter owned the rotten 
tea…  The folks who gave birth to this “land of the free and of the brave” 
were “distracted voters.”  Very distracted…

I can see why totalitarian “liberals” may be also very distracted by that 
history lesson.

Best regards,

-- Bob Djurdjevic TRUTH IN MEDIA Phoenix, Arizona e-mail: 

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