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Richard Moore


There are about 1200 of us in the cj & rn community, and
most have been around for quite some time.  Over the years
we've talked about many issues and we've been exposed to a
wide range of information and viewpoints.  Sometimes our
lists function as one-way news channels, and at other times
they host challenging discussions.  Often postings from our
lists are forwarded on to other lists, and sometimes we've
had useful cross-list discussions with other online

I've received hundreds of 'feedback messages' during this
time, nearly all of them supportive.  Dozens of people have
sent in enthusiastic messages like these recent ones:

    "Thank you very much for the information which you have been
    sending.  I am selectively doing print-outs and mailing to
    news media, politicians and friends not on internet as I
    find appropriate for the person's interests. I am very
    pleased with what you are doing and can only say a very big
    "...again, really enjoy your insight, views, and thoughts on nwo
    etc.... thanks for missing info i requested on your police
    state article!! good luck richard and please keep up the
    good work, it is really appreciated..."

    "Your observations have clarified and confirmed many of my
    own observations during a lifetime of mundane activity.     
    I am sure that many people will appreciate the contribution
    which you are undoubtedly making towards the course of human


Because of these considerations, I think it is fair to say
that our posting archives are a valuable resource.  There is
material there, according to numerous testimonials, which is
capable of opening people's minds on important issues of the
day.  How can this information resource be put to good use?

I've made the complete archives available on our website,
but that's only a beginning; that only establishes the raw
database.  For that to be useful, we need a 'front end' --
an online document which is capable of holding people's
attention, and which makes it easy for them to get to the
information of most value to them.

Below is a draft home-page for such a document.  It's
organized as a 'book' of six 'chapters', and each 'chapter'
is described by the questions it deals with.  An adjacent
link will take the reader off to a one-page summary of how
those questions have been dealt with on our lists.  The text
on each summary page will contain lots of links to the
posting archives, to online articles, and to other useful
websites.  You can see the formatted version of this draft
home page at:

You can see the raw archives at:

Please help out by sending in your comments and ideas.

all the best,


            Guidebook           How the World Works
                                and How We Can Fix It


                            What are they talking about?
                            What do all those acronyms mean, such as
                            IMF, OECD, WTO, CFR, WIPO, and GATT?
                            What do officials and the media mean by
             decoding       such terms as reform, liberalization,
           modernspeak      transparency, and international
                            community? What are the hidden meanings
                            behind such words, and in what subtle
                            ways does their usage mold our

                            How does the world work today?
                            What is globalization, really? How is it
                            connected to world policing, and to
                            national politics? Is it a force of
                            nature or an intentional project? Where
                            is it heading, and where is it taking
                            our societies? Why, in our modern
                            democracies, is there so little
         the world today    connection between what people want and
                            what government delivers? How are major
                            global decisions made, who makes them,
                            and toward what ends? To what exetent is
                            the world driven by the inevitability of
                            capitalist economics, and to what extent
                            by specific plans made by particular
                            people and groups? What did George Bush
                            mean when he declared the establishment
                            of a New World Order?

                            How did things get this way?
                            How and why did the West achieve world
                            dominance? How does imperialism work and
                            who benefits? Why did republics replace
                            kingdoms, and did they bring us
                            democracy? Why were European powers
         how we got here    involved in regular warfare for
                            centuries, and why did peace between
                            them become inevitable after 1945? Why
                            were industry and nationalism so long
                            closely linked, and why is capitalism
                            now so committed to globalization and
                            weakened nation states?

                            What kind of world do we want?
                            What economic alternatives are there to
                            capitalism? Is prosperity possible
                            without capitalist methods? Is a better
                            world consistent with human nature? What
                            about Marxism and socialism? Why must we
                            transcend ideology? How do we decide the
         a livable world    agenda for a new world? What does it
                            mean to talk about "we" as a conscious
                            entity? What is meant by the term civil
                            society? What is democracy, how can it
                            be achieved, and how can it be
                            preserved? How can world peace be
                            established and how can the peace be
                            made stable? Is world government a good

                            How can we change things?
                            What can be accomplished by means of
                            electoral politics? Is reform of
                            capitalism possible? Will capitalism
                            collapse from its own contradictions?
                            What is the difference between a change
                            of government and a change of regime?
                            How have regimes been changed in the
          causing change    past? What is the role of a mass
                            movement in bringing about radical
                            change? What are the pitfalls that every
                            movement must avoid in order to achieve
                            victory? What exactly is the prize upon
                            which we must keep our eyes? Why did the
                            recent demonstrations in Seattle and
                            Washington DC signal a profound
                            historical turning point?

                            What is holding us back?
                            How do we move on to the next step
                            beyond demonstrations? How can alliances
                            be built between groups with different
                            values and beliefs? Why are such
                            alliances the key to victory? Why is the
                            ability to listen more important than
                            having answers? How can the movement
        getting on with it  reach out to every part of society? Why
                            is that necessary? How can the movement
                            achieve global solidarity? Why is that
                            necessary? How can the movement act
                            effectively and be democratic at the
                            same time? Why is "Don't follow leaders"
                            good advice? What kind of leadership is
                            appropriate in a democratic movement?
                            Why do the means always become the ends?
                            What are you waiting for?


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