rn: Tnanksgiving (Can.) & prayers…


Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. This is one holiday I basically like the
spirit of, even if it is associated with the colonization of this land, and
thus with the beginning of the imposition of a culture which has laid waste
to much of it.

I recently typed up some prayers for members of the Canadian Environmental
Network and I would like to share them with you.

I will be away from Oct. 11 - Nov. 5... although I am so behind with this
list that many of you may hardly notice my absence! Sorry for being so

all the best, Jan

Of all the teachings we receive
this one is the most important:

Nothing belongs to you 
of what there is,

of what you take,
you must share.

(from My heart Soars by Chief Dan George. Hancock House, 1974)

De tous les ensiegnements que nous recevons
celui-ci est le plus important : 

Rien ne vous appartient 
de ce qui existe;

De ce que vous prenez,
il faut partager.


We are thankful for these and
all the good things of life.
We recognize that they are a 
part of our common heritage and 
come to us through the efforts
of our brothers and sisters the world over.
What we desire for ourselves, 
we wish for all.
To this end may we take 
our share in the world's work
and the world's struggles.

                        - James Shaver Woodsworth (one of the founders of
the CCF and a committed social justive activist, also a pacifist)


Nous sommes reconnaisants pour ceci et pour toutes les bonnes choses de la
vie. Nous savons qu'elles font partie de notre héritage commun et que nous y
avons accès grâce aux effors de nos frères et de nos soeurs du monde entier.
Ce que nous désirons pour nous mêmes, nous le souhaitons pour tous.
Puissions-nous donc assumer notre part des travaux qui doivent être
accomplis et des luttes qui doivent être menées pour un monde meilleur.

The one below I haven't translated into French yet. The Spanish translation
is not mine and a friend helped me with the Arabic (!) (not real Arabic, but
the sounds so we can approximate it). 

I sometimes sing this one when I go for a walk in the woods in the early
morning. Apparently there are people who say it at noon every day in their
own time zone, so there is formed a kind of chain of prayer going from East
to West as the day progresses.

all the best, Jan
PS If you have any you would like to share with me, I would certainly be

World Peace Prayer

Lead me from death to life
 from falsehood to truth
Lead me from despair to hope
 from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love
 from war to peace.
Let peace fill our heart, our world,
 our universe. (bis)

Oracion por la paz

Llevame de la muerte a la vida
 de la falsedad a la verdad
Llevame de la desesperacion a la esperanza
 del miedo a la confianza
Llevame del odio al amor
 de la guerra a la paz
Permite que la paz llene nuestro corazon,
nuestro mundo, nuestro universo (bis)

* * * * * * * * * * *
NOTE: Stressed syllables in caps

SAlawat elsalAM

koedny meen elMOWT
ila elHAYat
wamin elKEd(th)ip ila elhaKEEkah

koedny min elyaess 
ila elAmel
wamin elKOWF ila elAmann

koedny min elKOORH ila elHOB
wamin elKARB ila elsaLAM

DAa elsaLAM yamla koelooBAna
waA LAmeena, walKOWN min HOWlina